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Saturday, September 25, 2021

[Episode 148] Kirk Manley (@BatmanKM) | #TWDFamily Branches

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The 2nd in our NEW segment highlighting the cousins in our #TWDFamily Tree! Kirk Manley is a Graphic Artist that hit a major stride when he embraced his passion for #TWDUniverse (via podcasting, of all mediums) and decided to accompany it with a series of Tribute Art pieces. His incredible fan art is now well-known among the community and it was a distinct pleasure to be able to chat with him!
There were some spicy takes we trimmed out but, all in all, not a crazy amount edited out of the original recording; however, now that I think about it, where did over a half-hour of our recording go? Find out here:

Kirk Manley:
AKA @BatmanKM
David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Check out the poster that set the wheels in motion, leading up to this interview. Sent by our 🎖SURVIVORS TIER MEMBER, Aliza J.
  • Most of the reason why we got together was to spread the word about Kirk's upcoming exhibition of his new Season 10 & Season 11 of The Walking Dead Tribute Art. Find out more, here:
  • As you might expect, having a background in inking and penciling comic books, Kirk fell in love with The Walking Dead comic book, first.
  • When the show came out, he teamed up with Jeff Marsick to create a podcast called Biters (which still exists today)! Doing that helped him launch his tribute art.
  • After guest hosting on Jason Cabassi & Karen Koppett's The Walking Dead `Cast, they hooked him up with WalkerStalker Con to do the event posters, the rest was history.
  • Notice that Kirk did the art for his guest spot on the Under The Comic Covers podcast episode he was on.
  • "Finding his voice" (his style): In trying to create his tribute art (to the TV show) Kirk didn't want to emulate Kirkman's comic book. Here's one of his earlier attempts he mentions:
  • He's always trying to do something different with his work, rather than each work looking the same as the next.
  • Taking inspiration from well-known comic book artists (click the name, in the photo caption, to learn more about these artists):
    Adam Hughes
    Neal Adams
    Steve Rude
    Mike Mignola
    Olivier Coipel
  • ...and also fellow #TWDFamily members:
    Rob Prior
    Scott Spillman
    AJ Moore
    Jason Palmer
    (left) Benny Miller
    (right) Robin Overton
    Chris / Inner Demon Cross
  • Necessity is the mother of invention: doing it all yourself means Kirk went from inking/penciling to coloring. This is what allowed him to further develop his style.
  • What's Kirk's favorite work? Basically the last one! But his Last Day on Earth (The Last Supper) piece represented a turning point in his career.
  • Noticing that he was receiving more feedback on his tribute art, while honing-in on his style, he moved away from inking comic panels and focused more on the tributes. Started working on other franchises, such as Marvel, DC, and even TV shows like LOST:
  • Kirk talks about his (non)interaction with celebrities (and mostly fans). Honorable mentions: Josh McDermitt (AKA Eugene Porter) & Greg Nicotero.
  • Kirk admits his reluctance in meeting the actors, but recognizes that it's because of their likeness (and talent) that he's able to do this and wants to express his gratitude.
  • Waxing on Jeffrey Dean Morgan (AKA Negan). Waning on Norman Reedus (AKA Daryl Dixon). Honorable mentions: Andrew Lincoln (AKA Rick Grimes) & Danai Gurira (AKA Michonne)
  • Creativity during the pandemic: the birth of his vaccinate series posters.
  • ...which gets as talking about Daryl's various ships, as well as #HateBang-gate (Negan & Maggie Rhee): the latter stoked quite a reaction!
  • The Golden Age of Television means that more television shows than The Walking Dead are fighting for Kirk's attention, which has affected his relationship with TWD. Meaning to catch up on Fear The Walking Dead (along with our recommendation to watch The Walking Dead: World Beyond).
  • Coming from the perspective of a lover of the comic book, first, Andrew Lincoln leaving the show and Carl Grimes dying signaled a sea change in his relationship with the show. Along with the transition from zombie horror to (soap opera) drama, it just feels different. Honorable mention: Star Trek.
  • Still wants to do comic book illustration. Incoming project (collaboration with Rob Prior and Jeff Marsick): Night of the Cadillacs. (Keep checking Scout Comics for availability!)
  • Discussing his involvement in SCAM, billed as "X-Men meets Oceans Eleven".
  • Taking time out to discuss his first project/love: Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers.
  • Encouraging/Pressuring Kirk to catch up on FearTWD's 6th season (do it for Aliza, Kirk)! Likes what he's hearing about Season 7.
  • We were able to peek at the Limited Exclusive, Numbered and Signed Event Poster only after the interview. Reminding you to check out his new tribute art - this weekend only!

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