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Monday, September 27, 2021

[Episode 149] Season 11, Episode 5 of The Walking Dead, "Out of the Ashes"

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While recording this episode, this line #Siddiq gave to #Michonne in #TWDSeason9 (and was even used in promos) was ringing out in my mind, "What does it mean for #AlexandriaSafeZone to survive if means that #TheKingdom falls?" This episode starts digging into the dirt of what it means to survive, at what cost, and what we become when we emerge from the ashes. Can we continue using the same playbook? How far are we willing to go? Or do we play #TheCommonwealth card and take a chance at, perhaps, thriving?
I think we managed to cut an entire hour out of the original, unedited episode recording! Some points were further expounded upon, personal anecdotes, too. If you'd like to get some behind-the-scenes conversations and get in on all the stuff that remained on the cutting room floor, all in support of our #pocast, head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Dave's Reaction to this episode:
  • Check out our recent interview with Graphic Artist, Kirk Manley, which contains info on his recent exhibition (and our giveaway of his complete set of prints)!
  • Maggie + Negan = #HateBang

  • ...but, seriously, getting Maggie Rhee to the same lowest point, as a leader, that Negan had reached a while ago: Perhaps even lower.
  • Negan may be Neganing with his impatience; Maggie not cutting her losses and heading home.
  • The In Dreams opening scene (Fear The Walking Dead Season 6, episode 12): Aaron's dream. Also Iris Bennett's dream of becoming a walker in the opening scene of the pilot of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.
  • Why haven't they gone back to The Hilltop since its fall?
  • We're all monsters: Aaron finally reaches a point where he no longer resembles his former, O.G. Alexandria Safe-Zone self.
  • Keith, The Whisperer is a reflection of Aaron and Keith's Whisperers remnants, Alexandria (at present).
  • When everyone else is losing themselves, but Negan seems alright. And let's not talk about Yumiko Okumura's brother, Tomi Okumura... remember Derek, Wes' brother (from FearTWD Season 6)?
  • ...speaking of Tomi('s phony as accent), cheating his way into The Walking Dead allows you to be who you were meant to be will have consequences in The Commonwealth.
  • The Annual Commonwealth Lottery: status upgrade? Ostensibly, had you not read the comic book, you could think any dark thing.
  • The kids in demolished Alexandria are just as reckless as the O.G. Alexandrian kids (just different mindset). It's time to shuffle everyone off to The Commonwealth.
  • Is it better to have everyone to be fighters, at the expense of maintaining a trade, or is it better to have basic survival knowledge, but be a part of specific classes (fighters, bakers, doctors, smiths/construction)? Brings us back to Campus Colony (from The Walking Dead: World Beyond)
  • What makes The Commonwealth different from The Civic Republic? Does the CRM know about The Commonwealth? What would they do about them? Deconstructing The CRM's actions against Campus Colony to superimpose on The Commonwealth.
  • Etymology of the name Lance Hornsby = The Serpent Settlement. Stephanie Vega, Fake Stephanie, Pamela Milton(? maybe even), and con-ception.
  • We simply must find out how The Commonwealth was able to maintain its integrity, from the beginning of the outbreak, when Alexandria could not.
  • Reminders of the way Carol Peletier handled The Highwaymen (compared to Carol and her quest for vengeance against Alpha) and how that guides her actions with Aaron.
  • King Ezekiel confirms that The Commonwealth assigns you your pre-apocalypse job. Like Keith, The Whisperer, he lied to them about his cancer.
  • The cost of war, when World War I ended, and stolen valor

  • Role reprisals, representing former antagonists, and Aaron's Post Traumatic Stress. Jesse C. Boyd (AKA Blond Wolf) & Miguel Insignares (of The Saviors, uncredited, but face mauled by jumping, blue body suit Shiva)

  • Like Pope and The Reapers' faith in them being chosen, is there a value of The Commonwealth feeling safe? When the truth becomes Forbidden Knowledge?
  • It's still super weird to see Aaron, of all people, become a lot more like savage Rick when, only a month ago, he was idealistic in the midst of the battle of Hilltop.
  • Mercer, trying to snort away Princess' scent of affection away from him.
  • Rachael & Sherrandy are slowly figuring out out that The Walking Dead is a television show: reused interior set for former-train station set is used for radio broadcast room/beaurocracy and The Hilltop exterior is probably bigger than it appears.
  • Pathetic Whisperers and why Bethany Kasulas (Savior/Kingdomer?/Whisperer) will be the last man standing (sorry Daryl Dixon).
  • Lydia warns Keith, "Don't look back." ...know when to cut your losses, Aaron & Maggie.

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