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Thursday, September 30, 2021

[Episode 150] Season 11, Episode 6 of The Walking Dead, "On The Inside"

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In all the years we've watched TWD, we've only come so close to the kind of spooky episode we received this week. Powerful performances delivered by Lauren Ridloff (AKA Connie) & Kevin T Carroll (AKA Virgil). And I think we're reaching an interesting turning point when it comes to Leah Shaw, Daryl Dixon, and The Reapers.
I cannot encourage you to download the unedited episode recording, enough. Since Aliza and I were the only hosts, I had such a lovely, long chat with her during the pre-show - almost worthy of it's own #TWDFamily Branches episode! We barely edited anything out of the episode and a lovely little post show, the whole of it is pretty short! Download it now and support the podcast! Click here:

David Cameo:

Aliza J:

  • Watch Dave's reaction to this episode:
  • Did you miss Kirk Manley's Exhibition? We announced the Winner of our Kirk Manley's #TWD Tribute Art Weekend Giveaway last night:

  • Amazing performances with Lauren Ridloff & Kevin T. Carroll. If not for this being the final season, they should've excluded the Daryl Dixon & The Reapers scenes.
  • The knife parallel: Leah Shaw's/Pope's knife is given to Daryl; Virgil attempts to give his knife to Connie.
  • Leah & Daryl expressing their thoughts openly to Carver. Daryl chirped more in this episode than whole seasons.
  • Would Daryl kill Leah if he had to? Would Leah kill Daryl? With whom would either side if their family were threatened.
  • In actual terms, even though we really didn't see it, Daryl and Leah had a relationship. Carver may have "picked up the pieces" after Daryl ran off on Leah.
  • Not wanting to see Daryl with Leah is completely understandable. Daryl went from asexual to multiple love interests: Parallel with Lori Grimes (her love for Rick Grimes even when she moved on with Shane Walsh). And could Leah have run off because she was pregnant?
  • Did Frost rat out Daryl to Pope? How far has Pope unraveled? Comparing Pope's behavior with Carver to Theodore Maddox from Fear The Walking Dead and the treatment of his disciple Riley.
  • So yeah, Frost may not be a double-agent... Most likely. No old world loyalty among military brothers.
  • The only way to hook Carver is to give him some truth, "I'm only here for her." Leah's uncanny ability to know when Daryl is lying to her. Discussing this in the shadow of the Daryl & Carol Spin-Off.
  • The Walking Dead did Enders better than Z-Nation did: Illustrates the acceleration of society's breakdown. Negan mentioning how he would've done things differently is different than his Comic book counterpart.
  • When the Ferals spoiler image going around wasn't so much of a spoiler. Greg Nicotero's visual talent truly shining through. The clever bait-and-switch of us, like Virgil, thinking Connie was seeing things.
  • Connie insisting that family is also found, in spite of Virgil's desire to sacrifice himself so she can find Kelly. Drawing some parallels with Virgil and Michonne (keeping their family close, at first).
  • Will Virgil die? Will either Michonne or Rick show up on any of these #TWDUniverse programs? What about the Grimes children (Judith Grimes & RJ Grimes)?
  • FearTWD's nuke could explain the desolation throughout the kids' journey in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Also, timelines...!
  • Where do you think our survivors will end up? The Commonwealth?
  • Is a happy ending possible in The Walking Dead Universe? Also, The Civic Republic Military isn't very nice...
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Negan going down swinging (what spin-off?) and both The Commonwealth & The CRM outlasting the main series. Possibly crossover to FearTWD?
  • Looking back, Terminus cannibals started crazy early: Ferals are what happens when you take Termites to their logical conclusion (eating the dead/Kuru/Wasting Disease).
  • The Ferals might've been teenagers when the fall occurred and how the house eventually became a spider's web, rather than a home.
  • Experiencing a little backstory dialogue between Virgil & Connie when Kelly finds Connie's pad. Attempting to determine (Virgil's and) Connie's whereabouts for the past month.
  • Ominous conversation about King Ezekiel's health/future. Unweaving our characters' (Stephanie Vega, Eugene Porter, Fake Stephanie, and Tomi Okumura) web of lies (and whether they'll have consequences).
  • Yumiko Okumura is impressed that there is someone with the title "governor" in Pamela Milton. Meanwhile, we can't help thinking about Woodbury.

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