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Friday, October 22, 2021

[Episode 157] Season 7, Episode 1 of Fear The Walking Dead, "The Beacon"

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#FearTWD is BACK! ...but seriously, did it ever leave us?! Just like #TWDWorldBeyond, #FearTheWalkingDead gives us a slow-burn return into the Nuclear #ZombieApocalypse by way of *WILL* then goes zero-to-sixty by "yeeting" that slow-burn right off a roof.
NO JOKE: I have never in my life edited a more funny episode, most of which simply cannot see the light of day for too many reasons! To get access to this and support our #podcast in the process, please head here:

David Cameo:
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Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Trying to get a grip on both the show's timeline and our real life one
  • Lydia S. tells us that there is only one St. Christopher Medallion.
  • Meg dislikes anthology-based episodes, wanted to see more characters. Why she might be further disappointed, this season. Rachael: Cinematography, effort in set design was amazing. Is satisfied with Victor Strand leaning into badness. Sherrandy enjoyed this Strand-focused episode.
  • Strand resuming the original Dave Erickson big-bad roadmap meant for Madison Clark.
  • Dave really enjoyed the pacing and directing this season premiere. Huge shout-out to Michael Satrazemis. Mentioning Channing Powell's similar trajectory (who is now showrunner of Tales of The Walking Dead).
  • George Washington Hockley, secretary of war under then Governor Sam Houston, his sword, The Twin Sisters, and The War of 1812 / Texas Independence.
  • Gauging Howard. Possible big-bad? Loves middle-management (like Gavin).
  • Will's (shaky) origin, relationship with Alicia Clark, and The Franklin Hotel. And the overall #TWDUniverse timeline.
  • What Padre might mean. But also, what if Alicia takes on the roll of cult leader?
  • Foreshadowing Victor's death via Alicia's mural (is Will real?).
  • Why does Will keep Victor alive, considering the state of the world and how Victor tried to kill him 3 times?
  • Even though Will seems surprised by it, could the thing that he was supposed to do have been the downfall of the bunker residents? And there's too much symbolism between Victor and Will.
  • Was Victor always a bad guy? How we feel about him tilting towards badness. What it also means that he rejects love. Was the demise of the Clarks Strand all along. Is this Strand's last season?
  • Stand's sense of fashion, how it's evolved over the years, and the sum total of influences that create this mish-mash of who he is now. Is he still not yet who he is meant to be?
  • Good guys are bad guys are good guys! Eeep!
  • There are too many allusions to Alicia having run The Franklin Hotel bunker like The Holding from last season and the color green popping up means poison/rot (as it pertains to Victor's title card, as well).
  • Taunting Meg about the Title Intro Sequence music. They are sending subliminal messages to cancel us.
  • An exasperated Meg loves Will's death and how it reminds her of Rachael's make-up talents (but also Rachael's trauma over Glenn Rhee).
  • Odds and ends: Victor should've had a Hwacha; Built Walker tough (using Walkers to transport things); How Victor uses Morgan Jones' word for zombies: walkers.
  • What are the Stalkers and why do they strip the dead? What we know about Will is just the tip of the iceberg: he hesitates before ending the walker in the lighthouse. And what about this funky lighthouse?
  • OK, we have to talk about animals amidst the fallout...
  • Meg's bone to pick about diesel might not be the Hanukkah Miracle we thought it was: it might be a good indicator of how long it's been since the bombs dropped.
  • Will is sus because we see him near The Franklin (or at least a billboard of it) in the beginning. Was he really yeeted from the bunker?
  • Clarifying we may see Alycia Debnam-Carey sooner than later and she will be directing an episode in Season 7

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