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Sunday, October 24, 2021

[Episode 158] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x03| Exit Wounds

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Just when #JenniferMallick thought she might have one good day, #LeoBennett comes in like a wrecking ball and turns her world beyond upside-down. Between that, the knowledge that her clemency may have come at a cost (even though she's choosing to focus on the positive), and how (by the end of it) Percy is gunning for her, it seems like Huck is beset on all sides.
So, here's the deal, after we ended the recording, we decided to jump down the science rabbit hole and discuss the formula on #TBrooksEllis ' digital board, which was pretty fun. Between the behind-the-scenes pre-show and the many laughs & hilarious technical difficulties, why not support the #podcast and download/stream the Unedited Episode Recording?

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener


  • Why Exit Wounds? Dennis' mistake causing Jennifer Mallick to leave (not just Percy Delmado's wound).
  • But were Percy & Tony Delmado's lives peachy? Performers without crowds that now have an audience.
  • Iris Bennett "treating" Percy; Percy is otherwise distracted. And every day isn't like the last.
  • Hoes in other area codes: But are other settlements the exception, not the rule? And The Walking Dead: World Beyond is only a short time behind The Walking Dead (flagship show)
  • Tying up poor horses and Dakota firepits. Elton Ortiz finally hauling ass (for turnips?!)
  • Turns out Dave was right about Perimeter colony protecting the Civic Republic Research Facility (by way of radioactive waste warnings). Callbacks to Siddiq (by way of calling Empties "Vessels") and Elton is the Carl Grimes of the show?
  • Sherrandy's amazing theory of why Omaha/Campus Colony were going to be threats to the Civic Republic Military. Dave takes it a little further.
  • Still trying to associate Huck saving the colony dwellers during the fall (when she was a Marine). "Beauty in the darkness" (the essence of TWD World Beyond): because why focus on the negative?
  • Etymology of Asha & Dev. Elton's devastation and resemblance to John Dorie (of Fear The Walking Dead).
  • Empties/Vessels in the clearing were not Asha & Dev's doing and the flaw in Dennis' logic about the Culling Facilities. Filming inconsistencies.
  • T. Brooks Ellis, Eugene Porter's mentor at The Human Genome Project, is Hope Bennett's professor.
  • Parallels to the Bennett sister's asking Silas Plaskett to their party in the pilot to Mason inviting hope to the Omaha remembrance party. Hope still having flashbacks to their journey wakes her into action: seeking out Iris and Felix Carlucci.
  • More hints that The Civic Republic is a string of settlements, united as one (E Pluribus Unum) and Portland's potential dark fate(?).
  • Leo Bennett may not be aware of Lyla Belshaw's special lab where (walker) Dr. Samuel Abbott is kept. Hope may be on her way to figuring this out.
  • At Mason's party, Omaha's symbol is placed on a "neutralization" vat: twisted. SURVIVORS tier member, Jasmine, trusts Mason.
  • Second Chances: Iris might eat her words about Percy's loss and moving on; Hope might instinctually take her advice. How their father factors into this calculus.
  • The significance of using Jenga as a parallel to The Civic Republic.
  • It Only Takes One Night by Dum Dum Girls and it's connection to Dennis' relationship with Huck and, also, the destruction of Omaha/Campus Colony (possibly Portland). Corporal Pierce may already be monitoring Staff Sergeant Mallick's movements (how the CRM roles).
  • Will Percy pull back? The Perimeter will most-likely side with Jennifer in the event of a conflict (also, Huck's corpse would mean their destruction).
  • Leo's confrontation with Huck (or whatever she calls herself) speaks to something greater than getting his family back.
  • Jasmine expertly follows Dr. Ellis science, whether intentionally faulty or not. Either way, he seems like a Fungi.

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