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Saturday, November 13, 2021

[Episode 163] Season 7, Episode 4 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Breathe With Me"

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#MoCollins drags her character, #SarahRabinowitz, through every of her iterations in this episode and her performance simply left us all with goosebumps! #DemetriusGrosse returns as #EmileLaRoux's vengeful twin brother, #JosiahLaRoux, who (as Dave predicted) isn't quite like his brother: not as interested in bloodshed and more interested in answers and inner-peace. On paper, this episode shouldn't be as phenomenal as it is, but the performers and the score really elevate it to quickly becoming the best episode of the season.
We had some technical difficulties in this one, coupled with some great banter pre/post-show. Download/Stream the unedited edition of this recording and support this podcast! Click here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • What an emotional episode: Dave's hairy goosebumps & Rachael's sobbing.
  • Actor talk/Going There: Getting out your own head and being comfortable with letting go.
  • What may be Fort San Vicente in real life.
  • Heartbreak watching Daniel Salazar deal with memory loss.
  • Possible Rabbi Jacob Kessner & Sarah Rabinowitz romance?
    Editors Note:
  • Many reasons why Sarah was the ideal character to bring Josiah LaRoux into the fold.
  • Josiah could've killed Stalker, but he didn't.
  • Prussian Blue/Cesium Poops
  • Is Wendell really with Victor Strand
  • Figuring out that Sarah is dependent on Wendell more than he is upon her.
  • Why Rufus demise made Dave cry.
  • Dave's sympathy for the devil: Victor's making certain he loses himself. 
  • This episode was directed by Tara Nicole Weyr, who directed The Code (FearTWD 4x11) and Skidmark (FearTWD 5x04): both prominent Sarah/Mo Collins episodes.
  • The score greatly enhances the emotional impact.
  • Mo ad-libbing the scenes when she's on the radio, searching for Wendell.
  • This episode surprises you with the answer to the question, What kind of person does Sarah become without Wendell?
  • Howard is a Demon.
  • Wendell's wheelchair(s).
  • Possible parallels betwixt Strand & Virginia.
  • Timelines: June Dorie & John Dorie Senior have been at Strand's Tower for about 7-10 days when Sarah shows up.
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies and the possibility that Strand is becoming the bad guy to unite his friends against him as a common enemy.
  • Strand is giving himself permission to be his true self. Dave stands by his Strand.
  • Who makes the cut in Strand's Tower? Sarah gives Strand hell in FearTWD 6x10, Handle with Care.
  • Jenn Wakely: Dorie Sr can't forgive Strand for attempted murdering Morgan Jones but forgives Dakota for killing John Dorie Jr.
  • Grace Mukherjee, Charlie, Sherry, and Dwight welcome in Strand's Tower?
  • Josiah’s awesome weapon:  The Shovel Pick.
  • Sarah Ascends: triumph over her lifelong adversity may lead to change.
  • We may have inadvertently discovered where Annie, Max, Dylan and the rest of the kids are.
  • The lingering after-effects surrounding Theodore Maddox grooming Dakota.
  • Reiterating Mo's incredible performance throughout this phenomenal episode.

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