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Sunday, November 14, 2021

[Episode 164] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x06| Who Are You?

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Huck or #JenniferMallick? Killer/Savior or Daughter? #Jadis / #JadisStokes: Friend, Foe, or neither? "Who are you?" might actually be an ironic title: that we're much more than a binary "Good Guy" or "Bad Guy" and that it's taken a hell of a road to get to where we are. Maybe it's not too late? It's never too late.
Some technical difficulties in the original recordings that flew under the wire, which made the edit take a little longer than usual to produce, but we cut out a TON of laughter and behind the scenes moments throughout! If you'd like the unlisted link to our uncut recording while supporting the BEST #TWDUniverse #podcast, head on over here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • Alex Skuby (and his podcast partner, Wayne?) in the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Alex is married to Sarah Rabinowitz herself, Mo Collins.
  • Enjoying these satisfying episodes (didn't feel like we ran out of time) as well as the Jennifer Mallick and Jadis Stokes scenes.
  • Language/Religion binds and blinds.
  • Jadis hints at her something valuable (Rick Grimes). Honing in on what 'A's are vs. 'B's
  • The Civic Republic (Military) worships themselves while Asha prays for Will Campbell and her brother, Dev.
  • Felix Carlucci chips away at what he knows to be good in Huck (which makes Jadis right about her). Elizabeth Kublek pushed Huck to her found family. Huck channels her mother: looks out for and cleans up after Felix.
  • What side is Jadis on? Why the surname Stokes? She might already know that Percy Delmado is not Elton Ortiz.
  • What's a narc? Mario thinks Brody told the CRM about Will and Dev's plan to infiltrate the Civic Republic Research Facility.
  • We remind the audience of our theory that the CRM allows everyone to continue with their schemes, rather than stop them right away.
  • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one: Like his own mother/father, Elton just doesn't want to see Asha lose her mom, Indira, should the CR RF fall (no more saline dialysis).
  • Why does everyone in #TWDUniverse have a twin, all of a sudden?!
  • Everyone sort of giving Iris Bennett the side-eye in the beginning.
  • Dave sees Iris hesitate before sending the dead-drop message: Does she want someone to stop her? Makes it so taking out the CRM is out of her hands.
  • Does Jadis already know that Huck took out the transformer?
  • The possible significance of Kublek keeping the Project V docs in a safe with her keepsakes.
  • Jadis is a good person deep down.
  • Can Lyla Belshaw be trusted? Iris inadvertently triggers Lyla's memories of her family.
  • Barca is still alive.
  • How much bad needs to be done for the greater good? How much of your soul can you parcel before it's too much?
  • Feeling the blood in our own ears as Leo Bennett's memories are triggered when Lyla drops the bag of clothes.
  • Why Anne embraced her fake name, "Jadis"
  • Iris' admission to Hope Bennett about the CRM soldier she killed darkly mirrors Hope's admission of killing Amelia Ortiz (Elton's mother) last season.
  • Try as we might, we strongly believe Huck doesn't know Silas Plaskett is detained by Jadis.
  • Keep an God damned eye on Corporal Pierce, who may be Major General Beale's right-hand.
  • What in the world is this pre-apocalypse date doing on the Project V forms: 04-02-02?
  • The last of Lyla's colleagues (unnamed doctor that is not Samuel Abbott) terminates a BO4 for subject P1107 in front of the other doctors using his GPS/controller. Why?
  • That is not Rick's murder jacket among the pile of donated clothes meant for Felix and Percy.

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