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Friday, November 19, 2021

[Episode 166] Season 7, Episode 5 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Till Death"

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Originally Recorded November 8th
#AishaTyler is now in front of the camera as "Mickey", rather than behind (as she was in "J.D.", directing #AustinAmelio & #ChristineEvangelista). And lookie who we have here but #AlexSkuby, playing "Eli", whom we had the privilege of interviewing in [Episode 165]! On the surface, this episode was pretty satisfying: good guys triumph. What lies beneath? A whole set of possibly ugly truths about #VictorStrand and/or his demon, Howard! DEMON!
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So, yeah, "165"... this was when we didn't know we'd be speaking with
Alex Skuby
about his role as "Eli" in this very episode!

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener

  • What a fun episode, directed by Lennie JamesSherry is amiable to Rachael because she seems to learn from her mistakes.
  • Eli, played by Alex Skuby, and his partner, "Ween" (AKA, ZenAF podcast co-host, Wayne Hannah
  • Victor Strand’s laugh is everything. Dark Horses? More like (Sherry's) Dead Horses.
  • Dave roles his eyes at wrestling moves that Mickey must've adapted for survival. Discussing Damian Marley's Welcome to Jamrock during that scene.
  • Dave draws parallel from Dwight & Sherry to Iris Bennett (from The Walking Dead: World Beyond): sticking to principles and doing "right".
  • Eli doesn’t kill Dwight, even though he should have: even he has principles. Is he good, bad, just trying to survive?
  • Kim and Kevin Larson assassinated, but Briga Larson turned: Was Strand ultimately responsible? Howard? This all might've been just Eli's doing.
  • As much as Dave has a hard time seeing Strand as a "bad guy", even he's not unsure he would order a hit job on a child. 
  • Howard is a bit of mystery/demon.
  • Reminder from last episode: Strand might want to become the bad guy all of his friends can rally against.
  • A special shrine for The Found. Revisiting why Strand refused to put Will’s photo on the wall. Strand & Alicia Clark’s strained relationship: when it came down to it, she trusted Morgan Jones over him. 
  • Strand's Photos are a Parallel to Negan’s Satellite Station (photos). Strand & Negan are yin yang parallels: the former will lie and the results were far better than the latter, who unadulteratedly spoke the truth.
  • Strand has got to be holding something over everyone in his tower, right? Or...?
  • Mickey says Strand would lock her up, but why not kill her?
  • Could Morgan be pushed to launch a warhead at Strand’s tower?
  • Mickey's duct tape walker armor calls back to Milton from The Governor's Woodbury.
  • Dwight was all of us meeting a Aisha Tyler-- I mean, a celebrity. Aisha was on FriendsWho's Line is it Anyway, and last seen/heard on Archer and Criminal Minds
  • Dwight repeats Eli's words as he buries the Larson family, "Play with fire, you get burned." Having kids is not for everyone.
  • John Dorie & June Dorie parallels: Mickey has to put down her walker husband, Cliff; Sherry & Dwight save Mickey, much like the Dories rescue Dwight in Humbugs Gulch.
  • What must June compromise to remain in Strand’s tower? Political June?
  • Dave illustrates why Karma is bullshit: Do good things for the sake of goodness, not expecting anything in return.
  • Dwight and Sherry showed how Lucille & Negan Smith could've been, had she survived, even though we proposed, after watching Here's Negan, Lucille would be far worse than Negan.
  • Victor helps people to spite Morgan.
  • Dragon fruit is a type of cactus. "Milus" is Latin for "rival" or "competitor".
  • Arno and The Stalkers strike a deal with the Dark Horses to find Padre. Familiar voice from the lead Stalker (perhaps Stephen Root?). But why are the stalkers holding & distributing naked walkers?
  • Never really was clear if Virginia was making fuel for the Civic Republic Military.
  • Subverting expectations: alternative uses for the recovered leaky warhead and why Grace Mukherjee's help may be employed.
  • Welcome to Jamrock might be a sign that Padre may not be everything everyone thinks it will be.

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