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Friday, November 19, 2021

[Episode 167] The Walking Dead: World Beyond |2x07| Blood and Lies

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Originally Recorded November 14th
#SergeantBarca / #AlCalderon is the MVP of this episode with the scene stealing quote, "What we do now matters. Tomorrow is filled with blood and lies. It's all it will ever be." At his core, it's much in the same way #Negan started #TheSaviors ("We Save People"), but when did it all get away from #LylaBelshaw, #ElizabethKublek, and #MajorGeneralBeale? Is #MasonBeale the best character in the series? Does everyone, at this stage, hate #IrisBennett (including #PercyDelmado)?
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:


  • Check out our new The Walking Dead Season 11 ART Mobile Wallpaper!
  • CHECK OUT the art I bought from Linda Peck Athens, that I unboxed at the beginning of the YouTube version of this podcast!
  • Sherrandy absent because she just got her COVID-19 Vaccine Booster & her internet has the `rona. Jasmine spills the tea about Myocarditis.
  • Barca's nipples and medical equipment accuracy in his "medical" trial prep. Many people/paramedics place the EKG sensors wrong.
  • What?! Jasmine liked this episode? Oh, it's only because Mason Beale was in it.
  • So, to be fair to the Civic Republic Military, their goal may not have been longevity/everlasting life or super soldiers. But after 8 (or 28) years…
  • …speaking of 28 years, the age difference between our hosts! And getting hit on, in light/because of that difference.
  • Major General Beale most likely can't be Rick Grimes, right? Rachael outlines a scenario that resembles the plot of The Majestic. Unintended Bonus: co-stars include Laurie Holden & Jeffrey DeMunn. The parallel between The Alliance of the Three and The Kingdom, The Hilltop, Alexandria Safe-Zone, and The Oceanside.
  • Project Votus is bullshit: everything everyone went through was for nothing. What the project's goal was and how they've given up on it. Why and what are the consequences? What they might have to do to genetically match partners (given their 200,000+ population):
  • How do the soldiers not know/acknowledge that the Omaha/Campus Colony tragedy was a culling? What happens to Barca, but also Jennifer Mallick and, to a certain extent, Dennis answers part of that question. Chain of command.
  • Why we might not meet Major General Beale until The Walking Dead Movie. Now we understand why the Civic Republic call themselves the last light of the world. "Just Following Orders."
  • Odd that both The CRM and our group have con-artists in Jadis and Percy Delmado, respectively. Warrant Officer Stokes obsession with Silas Plaskett's feet. Jadis' possible involvement in Dennis and Huck's lives (more than just personal) and how, just as we predicted, she let the mice play while she observed and gathered intelligence.
  • The symmetry between Barca & Dennis: Dennis' attitude adjustment took, whilst Barca's clearly did not. Dennis got off easy whilst Barca didn't, simply for asking a question. The greater extent to which the CRM has reprogrammed everyone to believe in achieving merely a foothold, whilst those in charge no longer believe.
  • One of the rare moments we see some Sci-Fi, by way of Project Votus trial 6.0 gas. What is the true purpose of this gas, though? They may just be like every other community we've encountered, only on a grander scale. Revisiting our theory about the priority order of senses of walkers and how large communities ultimately attract them.
  • Jadis' involvement in Votus, her relationship with Huck and Dennis, and how we may all have to rescue Elizabeth Kublek by the end of the series (as she might be mounting evidence against MGB). Is MGB someone we've already met (Madison Clark)?
  • Sherrandy's take: We've said this before - how everybody hates Huck - but now it seems everybody wants her dead. Will Silas wreck her in the next episode? Just like Lyla Belshaw's reflection in Barca's exam room foreshadowed her own death, Jadis' helmet being down when we first meet her foreshadowed that she would be her executioner (concealing the identity of the executioner).
  • Will we be saying goodbye to Jadis by the end of this series? Both Kublek and Stokes have tested Huck's loyalty. Leo Bennett (yes, the character) is actually a good actor. All the characters (save for Silas and Dennis) know the truth.
  • "Are you motivated, doctor?" Jadis wants Leo to want this. There have to be good CR(M). But even the most altruistic intentions/movements can be corrupted (from Project Votus to The Arab Spring)
  • Has Jadis bought into The CR's mission, completely? Jasmine surprises us with a comparison to clear-mode Morgan Jones. Dave thinks Jadis believes, but will also wrangle things so that she personally benefits.
  • Silas and Jadis (and Percy) being outsiders in order to see things clearly. What if Mason doesn't cop on when he finds the truth and backs his dad, instead? Still playing the who-is-MGB guessing game. He's not Heath!
  • Huck and Percy's heart-to-heart and how allowing her to live allows Percy to - as Dennis also put it in this episode - let shit go. Dave, for the first time, entertains that Percy is running a con.
  • Iris Bennett and Percy's pillow talk: her complaining about Hope Bennett wanting to save the scientists. Dave tries to convince Rachael that Iris is a lot like her: family is the highest priority (and saving the scientists, in her view, endanger their survival).
  • Is there something more to Iris' quest for justice against the CRM? Repressed childhood trauma?
  • Sherrandy claims that the CRM needed a lot of test subjects, but the alliance never meant anything more to the CR(M) than staking out the competition. "Madison Clark, you are the Padre!"
  • Sherrandy is liking Percy a lot more, while Dave (after so long) is finally thinking differently. Jasmine is in the middle.
  • Votus = Vow/Promise in Latin; the double-meaning of it being a possibly foothold into the future, but also a test of loyalty. To Barca, the CRM broke their vow and tries to warn Lyla that what she does, now, with their Blood and Lies matters.
  • Jadis convincing Leo that it's about life: to whom is she vowed? The CRM, a lower, or a higher purpose? And MGB might still be using Corporal Pierce as his own Huck. Jadis might be the big bad and MGB is completely irrelevant!

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