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Saturday, February 5, 2022

[Episode 175] Jackbox Games Charity Livestream | SAT, FEB 5th @ 3PM (Eastern/US)

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🔹 What: SQUAWKING DEAD's Jackbox Games Chairity Livestream
🔹 When: SATURDAY, February 5th @ 3:00PM (Eastern/US)
🔹 Where: Subscribe to both our YouTube & Twitch channels, as well as follow us on, so you'll be ready to play!
🔹 Why: We're raising money on behalf of Vanessa, a #TWDFamily member in desperate need of financial assistance.
🔹 How: We'll be taking donations through our Ko-fi page on behalf of Vanessa during the event. Your donations prior to each Jackbox Game will determine whether you are eligible to play (the more you give, the greater your chances of playing). Whether or not you are eligible to play, each dollar you give acts as an entry towards a prize that we give away after a round or rounds of Jackbox Games. After each giveaway, we wipe the slate clean and start over with a new Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games leading up to the next giveaway.

Tune In To Main Event:

  • First thing's first, here's what you need to do in order to participate
    • Subscribe to at least both YouTube & Twitch channels and enable all notifications in order to play. The link to the actual YouTube event is just above. You can click the button to get a reminder prior to the event to receive a reminder ahead of when the livestream starts.
    • To be able to play and/or receive entries prior to a giveaway round, you'll need to create an account and follow our Ko-fi page:
  • Shout out to Renee L'Archeveque, who's giveaway alerted me to Vanessa's GoFundMe campaign to raise money to repair her collapsed roof (if you cannot make our livestream for whatever reason or you missed it entirely, please click the link to her campaign and consider donating directly)
  • Dave gives folks a little background to why he was so moved to throw this massive charity event.
  • How the event is structured:
    • Every Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games is followed by a giveaway prize (more on that below) and each Jackbox Game we play has a limited amount of player slots.
    • To determine who will occupy those slots, we open the floodgates to allow folks to donate to our Ko-fi page, prior to each game. In the message field to your donation, please include one of your social media accounts (be sure you're following SQUAWKING DEAD from that account) so that we can DM you the room code and the link to join us on stream (we can also do this directly on Ko-fi, but just in case you miss it or it doesn't work, we'll be ready).
    • After closing the doors to your contributions, we tally the amounts given and the speed at which they were given (in that order) to determine who is eligible to play. The largest donations will occupy those slots (if the last few candidates donated the same amounts, we check the speed at which they donated to determine who plays).
    • We will DM those users the game's room code as well as the link to join us on stream through Ko-fi and/or the Social Media account they provided in their donation message.
    • Regardless of whether a donor is eligible to play, each dollar given acts as an entry towards the giveaway we announced prior to starting a Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games, so anyone has a chance at winning!
    • After the game or round of games, we will be spinning a wheel containing all the entries of everyone who's donated prior to a Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games (again, regardless of whether they were eligible to play - every dollar counts!) to determine the winner of that giveaway. After the wheel determines the winner, we wipe the board clean  of entries and announce the next giveaway and start the process from scratch with another Jackbox Game or round of Jackbox Games leading to the next giveaway prize.
  • To add a fun layer to the event, the winner of each Jackbox Game we play will receive a SQUAWKING DEAD Classic T-Shirt of their choice from our merch store!
  • Before we continue on to prizes, please take a moment to follow us on all our social media. Be sure to turn on all post and stories notifications so that you don't miss a thing. Links to follow us are available on
    • TWD Supply Drop: Negan T-Shirt (XL)
    • TWD Supply Drop: Walker Winslow T-Shirt (M-Female Cut)
    • TWD Supply Drop: Lucille Baseball Cap
    • TWD Supply Drop: 300 Piece Puzzle - Michonne
    • TWD Supply Drop: 300 Piece Puzzle - CarolPeletier
    • TWD Supply Drop: Alpha's Ouroboros Belt Buckle Bottle Opener
    • TWD Supply Drop: Walker Bottle Topper
    • TWD Supply Drop: Daryl Dixon Christmas Ornament
    • TWD Supply Drop: $15 Coupon to TWDU Shop
    • TWD Supply Drop: Rick Grimes Badge Lined Notebook
    • TWD Supply Drop: Bicycle Girl Walker Laptop Decal

      Donor: Vanessa

      Donor: 🎖SURVIVORS tier member Jasmine

    • Funko Pop: Teddy Bear Girl Walker (Donor: Vanessa)
    • Funko Pop: Walker Merle Dixon (Donor: Renee L'Archeveque)
    • MYSTERY BOX of swag from Thomas O'Mara (Instagram/Twitter)!
    • 11"x14" Print of your choice from Linda Peck Athens!
    • Numbered & Signed "Breathe With Me" print by Kirk Manley (@batmankm on Instagram/Twitter), donated and commissioned by 🎖SURVIVORS tier member, Aliza Jones (Instagram/Twitter)
    • Graphic Illustration T-Shirt of their choice from Ina Alber (Twitter/@illustrationspour_lavie/@artdesign_pimp_up_art)

    • Location Gourmet Fear TWD S6 Winter Cap Wrap Gift (Navy) from Jenna Elfman
    • Location Gourmet Fear TWD S6 Winter Cap Wrap Gift (Heather) from Jenna Elfman

    • Shout-Out from #TWDUniverse cast member of their choosing. Check out our other blog post, which is most-definitely out of date, detailing all the cast who's ever been on Cameo!

    • Promotional Poster signed by MAJOR TWD Cast, generously donated by Khary Payton. Signatures include: Khary, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Sonequa MartinGreen, and Greg Nicotero

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