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Saturday, February 19, 2022

[Episode 176] Half Naked with Christine Evangelista

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What underwear are YOU wearing? Christine's NYC cred is on display as we talk about her fascinating podcast (Half Naked with Christine Evangelista ), her insights into food and wellness, and of course her role as SHERRY on both #FearTheWalkingDead & #TheWalkingDead.
We wasted NO time releasing this interview and, have to say, we edited out some MAJOR news we could NOT make public (but is still contained in the unedited recording)! If you want to attend these closed recording sessions in the future and/or receive a link to the unedited #interview recording as soon as it becomes available - all while supporting the BEST #TWDU podcast - click here:

Christine Evangelista:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener
David Cameo:

  • Welcome to Jam-SQUAWK, Christine (guys, it's a play on Welcome to Jamrock by Damien Marley which was played during the wrestling-ring fight in Fear The Walking Dead 7x05 Till Death)!
  • What underwear are you wearing? is the opener for Half Naked with Christine Evangelista, her podcast! Apparently, if not for Amazon, she wouldn't be wearing any (just moved back to NYC and forgot to pack some)!
  • Discussing the genesis of her podcast, its emphasis, and evolution.
  • How she chooses the topics and guests.
  • Yes, she does interview men (even though she mostly highlights women) and both men and women have answered, "What underwear?" to the initial question.
  • Sheila Kelly, Strip Down, Rise Up, and giving attention/love to your own body.
  • The most important takeaway from recording her podcast: We're all the same, throughout history.
  • Talking pets, specifically her rescue dogs (Holly & Buddy) and cat: growing up with animals and how she came to adopted them.
  • Pivoting to cooking: Linda asks if Christine has tips on transitioning to a healthier diet.
  • The obsession with Bone Broth and its cooking.
  • Christine's favorite and least favorite foods while discussing her relationship with food. Fuck eggs, yes grits.
  • A question from Thomas O'MaraCynthia Carmona prefers the compliment, "You're smart," instead of, "You're beautiful," but what does Christine prefer? She's also a ball-busta
  • Matthew asks what it felt like to come onto Fear The Walking Dead after being away from The Walking Dead for so long.
  • Did Christine see/meet/speak to Austin Amelio (Dwight) ahead of her first appearance on Fear The Walking Dead or did they hold back? Working with Colman Domingo as a director
  • The distinction of what it's like to film on the set of both TWD & FearTWD from all other productions. Name-dropping Chandler Riggs visiting the set of FearTWD
  • Dove-tails nicely into how TWD Universe engenders TWD Family.
  • Aidan asks if there's anything Christine misses from her time filming on the set of The Walking Dead.
  • Tess asks what Christine's most physically or emotionally demanding scene on FearTWD. Gives a little insight into what's coming for Sherry in the latter half of FearTWD's 7th Season.

  • Thomas asks whether she's ever driven SWATTY / The MRAP. Elicits some funnies.
  • Bella asks what it takes for Christine to get into the character of Sherry.
  • "What magic makes the tears" flow?
  • Thomas asks if Christine is looking forward to her first convention.
    Note: the unedited recording contains a little more than we were able to reveal, publicly, that we simply had to cut out!
  • Umm, at the end of FearTWD 6x13 J.D., did you almost fall off your horse?

  • Cameron asks what Christine likes or dislikes about Sherry.
  • her particular dislike of Sherry may have contributed to her predicament with Negan and The Saviors.
  • Linda asks: had Negan killed Dwight instead of punish him, would Sherry would still have helped Daryl Dixon escape?
  • Donnie asks what would be different for Sherry had she killed Negan.
  • Vladimir wants to know who's team Christine, herself, would be on in a zombie apocalypse.
  • Who would Christine love to have a scene with from any TWD Universe show?
  • You are not going to believe what Christine thinks Sherry's last name is.
  • Christine gives an ominous response to the question of what she thinks would be the perfect ending between Sherry & Dwight.
  • Sherrandy discusses how she came around on Sherry; Rachael discusses the strangeness of coming around on Dwight & Sherry's story after all the horrible things Dwight did on TWD.
  • Lightning Round: πŸ– or ⛰? ☕ or 🍡? πŸ₯§ or πŸŽ‚? πŸ“± or Tablet? Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune? πŸ“š or πŸ“½? Mittens or Gloves? Sweet or Savory? 🩲 or 🚫? πŸ‘  or 🦢? Negan or Virginia? Dwight or Rollie 🀣?
  • Christine goes down the list of her fellow FearTWD actors' characters to describe what underwear they would be wearing: Grace Mukherjee, June Dorie, Sarah Rabinowitz, and Sherry.
  • Buddy comes on screen to say "Hi" ...sort of...

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