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Saturday, February 26, 2022

[Episode 177] NO ONE'S GONE: Madison Clark Returns

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Even before her departure, many of us had differing opinions on #MadisonClark. Now that she's coming back, we felt it necessary to reevaluate all those feelings within the context of the present narrative on #FearTWD.

Featuring friend of the show, Brian Castrillo!

This episode was originally recorded during a livestream, there's no unedited episode recording; however, you might be interested in our ๐ŸŽ–SURVIVORS tier, which entitles you to join us on camera and mic to break down episodes with us. We were joined by two such members, Jasmine & Bridget, for this open discussion! You can even join our entry-level tier for as little as a dollar a month! Check out all our memberships, here:

Brian Castrillo:
David Cameo:
Sherrandy Swift:
AKA @BlazyGardener


  • Watch the DAVE REACTS to Fear The Walking Dad's Midseason FinaleThe Walking Dead: World Beyond's Series Finale, and Talking Dead announcing Madison Clark's return:
  • Introducing the discussion panel and taking a compliment for our Fear The Walking Dead audio/video intro sequence (which we still haven't turned into a ringtone you can download in our Ko-fi Shop)
  • Our impressions of Madison Clark prior to her departure and our personal relationship with FearTWD.
  • Addressing the elephant in the room when discussing anything related to FearTWD: the shift in narrative & tone come Season 4 and announcing the discussion between Dave & Sarabeth Pollock, the unfiltered version which you can stream here:
  • Was Madison always meant to return, despite claims for years that she wasn't? Further discussing the rationale for the shift in tone & narrative in Season 4
  • In light of our FearTWD characters becoming stronger iterations of their former selves or making up for past mistakes, how we think Madison might look like, act, or even react to everything that's occurred these past few seasons.
  • Lores mentions that Madison might take on the villain role, but Dave thinks otherwise
  • Sherrandy's take on Madison's return is marred by Madistans (definition: fans who think you must love Madison Clark, or else).
  • Bridget thinks, much like Rick Grimes, that there may be a Civic Republic (Military) component that has delayed her return.
  • Brian wants there to be a Qaletaka Walker & Crazy Dog connection to her return, but actually agrees with Bridget.
  • Addressing the larger concern: will Kim Dickens' return limit screen time for other characters, especially those who are already receiving less screen time or have disappeared, altogether (like Annie, Max, and Dylan, Ranger Samuels, Nora and the Office Building Dwellers, and Tess).
  • Lores also points out that there are other characters like TobiasAlex, and The Proctors that have long been neglected (from Seasons 1-3).
  • Does Madison or Alicia Clark take on the villain role, in light of the specter of Alicia's illness and Victor Strand's appearance of already being a villain?
  • …and, side note, do walkers remember something?
  • …will Madison side with Alicia against Victor or is there a world where she sides with Victor against Alicia?
  • Is Madison's return going to be short-lived or will she be staying with us for a while? Will that effectively cause Colman Domingo's or Alycia Debnam-Carey's exit.
  • Dropping some knowledge: FearTWD's midseason premier will not have an early release on AMC Plus and while 7x09 airs publicly at 9:00PM (Eastern/US) on April 17th, AMC Plus will also drop 7x10 for early release.
  • Lores confirms Kim Dickens will be a series regular:
  • Though Alycia has stated she wants to see her role through the story of FearTWD for as long as they'll have her, is her number finally up this season?
  • Is it still Fear The Walking Dead without The Clarks? Comparisons to when Rick left TWD and when Gene Roddenberry passing during Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Do you trust that Ian Goldberg & Andrew Chambliss have a grand(er) plan with the introduction of Madison?
  • And what does it mean for the characters who remain (and those who have left)? Especially Charlie (and the absence of Nick Clark).
  • Does Madison have a bigger role to play in TWD Universe? Maybe brainwashed with Rick at the CRM?
  • Could Madison and Jadis be a triple threat and show up on all running shows? Will we see what happened to her (post the Dam explosion, after The Diamond) in Tales of The Walking Dead?
  • Would you want to see spoilers/production photos of Madison prior to her appearance?
  • Morgan Jones has expressed the desire to return to Alexandria Safe Zone on at least two occasions: could there finally be a reverse crossover from FearTWD to TWD?
  • P.A.D.R.E.? Project Votus? Was the Zombie Apocalypse staged decades ahead of time? And whatever happened to the Dead In The Water mini-series?

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