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Sunday, February 27, 2022

[Episode 178] Season 11(B), Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, "No Other Way"

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WE'RE BACK breaking down episodes! The fate of #Neggie hangs in the balance! We dissect the state of #TWD on the whole, whilst drilling down key examples: including some #SpookyBetaShit in the case of #FatherGabriel!
THE UNEDITED VERSION of this recording is a whopping 3 HOURS! It's filled to the brim with gaffes and expansion that just went missing in the high quality recordings that we simply couldn't technically retrieve (so this one is well-worth the watch). To stream it while supporting the BEST #TWDUniverse #podcast, just click here:

David Cameo:
Sherrandy Swift:




  • Can take a few watches to feel the impact of the episode.
  • Finality looms on the horizon.
  • Aliza: Foreboding and Frustration.
  • Bridget: Excited and Emotional.
  • Jasmine is a SQUAWKING DEAD TWD Coverage virgin! "WE’RE ALL FRIENDS! WE’RE ALL FRIENDS!"
  • Jasmine: Satisfied by Meridian, Disappointed by Alden’s death, Excited and Nervous about The Commonwealth.
  • Contrast: Lame Commonwealth versus Indomitable Reapers.
  • Sherrandy: Loves Meridian, Meh on Alexandria Safe-Zone, Shoe-horned Ending (with the time jump).


  • You use what you have.
  • Experts in Munitions, those crafty Reapers.
  • Undoubted Reaper maintenance reminds us of Aliza’s Secret Santa gift to Merle Dixon (rubbin’ his nub)!
  • Maggie Rhee, Reaper Fisher, and her Nutcruncher!


  • Gracie’s inability to protect herself: is Aaron creating a Sam Anderson?
  • Sherrandy calls for a Tia Rosita Espinosa training session.
  • Hope Bennett (The Walking Dead: World Beyond) eventually learns to fight, so why not Gracie?
  • Alexandria was supposed to be a safe-haven.
  • Gracie being sheltered put everyone in danger, more than once.
  • Will Aaron suffer the same fate as Jessie Anderson?
  • Gracie’s Savior genetics!
  • Daryl Dixon and Rosita taking steps to protect the kids.
  • With Alden’s expiration, who will take care of Baby Adam?
  • Parallel to John Dorie’s death on Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Jack of all trades or specialist in one?
  • Aaron to the rescue!
  • Worried Aaron would end up like Bob Stookey in the basement of Father Gabriel’s church’s food bank.
  • Horror is back! Walkers are still dangerous!
  • Aaron and Lydia come full circle.


  • Maggie’s emotions return, full force, upon finding Alden.
  • Did Alden’s death fall flat? Is it because of how long it was left hanging for viewers?
  • An off-screen death lessens the impact, whether you wait for the episode or binge it.
  • Alden’s lack of juices!
  • Just say "No" to Walker Sherrandy!


  • Alex Meraz’s excellent work as Reaper Carver.
  • 3 on 1: Carver wipes the floor with Maggie, Negan, and Elijah.
  • Jasmine’s Justice for The Reapers: The scenes with Leah Shaw and Daryl may have made he Reapers seem less threatening, but this scene was redeeming.
  • Daryl tries not to kill anymore Reapers after his fight with Reaper Austin.
  • #CallMeGabriel
  • Sherrandy promotes the #Neggie #HateBang.
  • Leah takes over Pope’s vendetta: they have no reason to think they can lose.
  • Daryl’s white lies about his family demolished Leah’s trust in him.
  • Leah’s three chances to choose another path led to demise of The Reapers.
  • Negan and Leah parallels.
  • Maggie’s rage as she takes out the last of The Reapers.
  • Maggie remembers her campfire talk with Negan from 11x07.
  • It was Agatha All Along!
  • Leah is an anchor that bought the Reapers more time.
  • Will we get a Negan & Leah team-up? Socks on?
  • Could Maggie be hiding Negan and Leah at The Hilltop 6 months later?
  • All of the Meridian Wardens died because of the Reapers, besides Elijah.
  • Frustrations with Elijah’s recklessness
  • Dave’s Story Time: Like Elijah his temper got the best of him at his friend’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.
  • People should know better than to be reckless 12 years into the Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Will we ever know why Pope marked Maggie?


  • The evolution of Father Gabriel Stokes.
  • "Christ promised the resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something different plan in mind" ~Hershel Greene.
  • Gabriel sees Reaper Mancea as a reflection of himself.
  • Would our perception have changed had we started the story from the perspective of The Reapers?
  • Callback: Gabriel takes off his collar at the campfire with Daryl, just like he did in 5x10, Them, after eating the dogs.
  • Aliza: Is he angry, not only at Mancea and The Reapers, but at himself and God?
  • Would Mancea have been spared Gabriel's wrath had Reaper Jenson’s sniper rifle not fired in that moment?
  • The Angel Gabriel is God’s messenger in the Bible.
  • Would Mancea have just slaughtered Gabriel had Gabriel spared him?
  • On Doubt: Aliza shares a conversation she had with her pastor.
  • Was Mancea God’s sacrificial lamb/scapegoat?
  • One more: Gabriel’s exhausted look just before The Commonwealth arrives.
  • Gabriel’s & Daryl’s crisis of faith.
  • But Maggie, was the trip to Meridian really about the food?


  • Daryl & Maggie are at odds in both The Reapers arc and the six-months-later-time-jump, at the end of this episode: In contrast to their scene with Jesus Paul Rovia at the end of All Out War.
  • Has Daryl found a way forward that Maggie cannot get behind?
  • Is Maggie perhaps afraid to join The Commonwealth because of her failed endeavors with Georgie?
  • The Civic Republic and The Commonwealth are thriving while smaller communities like Alexandria falter.
  • Even in Commonwealth Trooper uniform, Daryl refuses to cut his hair months later.
  • Lance Hornsby's attire provided by L.L. Bean
  • Does/Will The Commonwealth approach other communities like they did Alexandria?
  • Did The Hilltop pool supplies from Alexandria & Oceanside?
  • Where is Luke?
  • Could the six-month time-jump be the cliffhanger in Season 11B, going into 11C?
  • Aliza describing Juanita Princess Sanchez’s flat/sad hair and what it might mean (referencing Linda Peck Athens’ depiction of her)
  • Don’t give Judith Grimes to Carol Peletier!
  • The Commonwealth’s job-assignments


  • The Reunion of Daryl and Connie.
  • Jasmine, "Connie and Daryl are in the texting phase"
  • Aliza, "He dropped his basket for her"
  • Lydia is heartbroken upon discovering Negan's absence.
  • Aliza: Carol looks happy seeing #Donnie reunite and probably feels relieved that hers and Daryl’s relationship is intact.
  • Highlighting (ridiculous) speculation on the Daryl & Carol Spin-off series.


  • Blackboards in the background during the Reaper Austin & Daryl fight.
  • Bibel: Germanic spelling of the word "Bible".
  • Black Board number: "Let everything that has breath praise the lord".
  • S.T.O.P.:
    • Stop as soon as you realize you’re lost
    • Think about the situation
    • Observe your surroundings
    • Plan what to do.
  • Lessons in food and wildlife revealing what Ms. Adams was teaching in the zombie apocalypse at Meridian.
  • TWD logo in the title sequence is dripping with water.

  • Aliza: This episode was "Jam-filled". You mean, like the cakes in Elodie’s Bakery! Right?


  • In response to Negan’s departure and #Neggie’s chances, "But Dave, Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
  • Negan did not want to be next after Maggie’s Reaper-killing-spree.
  • Negan’s swan song: Will he go out saving Maggie or Hershel Rhee?
  • Potential Meet the Saviors spin-off on Tales of The Walking Dead?
  • Was Maggie asking Negan’s opinion or permission before her Reaper masacre?
  • Some Alexandrians might have chosen Negan over Maggie, due to her absence (and how he ended The Whisperers War).
  • Sherrandy: I never thought Negan would hit her, but I thought he might hit it.

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