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Sunday, March 6, 2022

[Episode 179] Season 11, Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, "New Haunts"

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DECONSTRUCT #THECOMMONWEALTH! …From their economic system to systemic inequality (both spoken and unspoken). Dave's obsession with "allowance". Ninja #CarolPeletier with the long hair's partnership with a vastly more sympathetic #LanceHornsby. And we're here for #Carzekiel & #Mercress / #Princer / #Merces.
Over 3+ HOURS of laughter (especially during the intro) and massively extended takes that #TWDU aficionados would appreciate that we simply had to cut for time are contained in the UNEDITED EPISODE RECORDING! Stream this, now, whilst supporting the BEST #TWDUniverse #podcast, here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:



  • Rachael: Lots more Carol Peletier! Callbacks galore! Trust no one!
  • Aidan (in the chat): One of his favs!
  • Jasmine: Is King Ezekiel preparing for his own death by giving away his possessions?
  • Who will get Dwight’s comic-book death? Ezekiel, Father Gabriel Stokes, Magna, or Rosita Espinosa?
  • Jasmine: Carol needs a project, e.g, revenge on Alpha. This time, a cure for Ezekiel.
  • Aidan: "She hasn’t lost a kid in a while."
  • Bridget: Excited to see the #Carzekiel reunion. Is it a mistake to mash two best friends into a relationship like some want to see with Carol & Daryl Dixon?
  • Never bullshit a bullshitter!


  • Carol is staying in apartment 19, which happens to be Chandler's & Joey's apartment on Friends.
  • Numerology expert, Rachael, says the number 19 is the sign of a fresh start.
  • Will Carzekiel get back together?
  • Callback: Carol went to (Porch Dick) Pete Anderson to threaten him into helping Tara Chambler in the back half of Season 5.


  • Is RJ Grimes prepared to defend himself?
  • Jasmine: The haunted house reminds her of the Hershel Rhee storyline in the final issue of the comic book.
  • Rach: Why aren’t they killing anything?!
  • Dave: How insulting is this haunted house?
  • Class disparities in The Commonwealth.
  • Dave: Is the haunted house the equivalent of a too-soon war reenactment in the TWDU?
  • Ezekiel asks Carol if she has gotten word from Maggie Rhee or Lydia.
  • Where are Aaron and Gracie?
  • Is The Commonwealth large enough that we don't see all of the characters in one episode?
  • Were we robbed of a ton of reunions between characters?
  • Carol is willing to play Lance Hornsby's game.
  • What are the consequences for Carol sneaking into the hospital records room?


  • Ezekiel’s last name is revealed to be Sutton.
  • Length of Commonwealth residency for Ezekiel Sutton: 28 days.
  • Earl & Tammy Rose Sutton with the same surname.
  • Celeste, who won the costume contest dressed as Mercer, is Khary Payton’s daughter, Maya Victory Payton.


  • Are lottery tickets the only upward mobility in The Commonwealth?
  • What is the pay gap between jobs? Baker vs Soldier? Lawyer vs Waiter?
  • We see the previous year’s lottery winner at the Halloween Gala.
  • Can you apply for other jobs in the Commonwealth or are you stuck with what you are assigned?
  • How do children factor into this equation, since they didn't have jobs before The Zombie Apocalypse?
  • Are Mei and Judith Grimes in different classes?
  • What does allowance mean in The Commonwealth?
  • Dave: Mommy Pamela Milton’s allowance to the elites.
  • Do upper class kids get their pick of the litter when it comes to jobs?
  • How does The Commonwealth hospital triage system work?
  • Ezekiel is patient #147 in the cue for surgeries. In numerology, Angel Number 147 means an angel is speaking to you: pay attention! It represents a better future!
  • Is it frustrating that Ezekiel is a martyr?
  • Carol will make sure Ezekiel has a choice.


  • Does nepotism affect Sebastian Milton's role in The Commonwealth?
  • Who was Pamela’s glare directed at, when Daryl had to save Sebastian during advanced military training.
  • Parenting: Pamela vs Aaron
  • Who is Margot Bingham playing? Stephanie Vega or Maxine Hawkins?
  • Does Pamela genuinely care about Max or Tyler Davis?
  • Is Pamela malicious or does she genuinely think the system works?
  • Did Celeste win the costume contest because she was dressed as Mercer?
  • Did Max pretend to be Stephanie on the radio?
  • Could Max be the one running The Commonwealth behind the scenes? Is she plotting to tear down the Commonwealth?


  • Is Lance manipulating Eugene Porter to ultimately manipulate Pamela?
  • Where does Lance’s character go from here?
  • Does Lance want Pamela’s job?
  • Is Hornsby a part of the resistance?
  • Is Lance still trying to impress Pamela Milton?
  • Extra! Extra! Dave only has two thoughts!
  • A tale of two Stephanies: Poor Eugene!
  • Tater Bug & Blue Weevil.
  • Where is Chele Ramos' character?
  • Where is Eugene in this episode?

  • Can anyone be a soldier?
  • Why does Magna not want to be a soldier?
  • Why did Magna even come to The Commonwealth?
  • What would happen if Magna and Yumiko Okumura rekindled their relationship? Are such relationships, between classes, sanctioned in The Commonwealth?
  • Would you tell Mercer no?
  • Do the classes live in sectioned-off/gated dwellings?
  • The bigger question: who pulls the trigger to put down the character who assumes the Dwight role?
    • Could Aaron or Eugene shoot Gabriel?
    • Might Rosita be killed instead (which upsets Aidan, in the chat)?
  • Mercer protects his asset with his armored butt-plate.
  • Foreshadowing? Sebastian chooses Magna’s war-hammer.
  • Someone recovered Judith’s toothpick, but it is thoughtlessly discarded by Sebastian.
  • Are you not ashamed?! But who will recover Pope’s beanie?


  • The bottles on the Vincenti's Fine Wines invoice, Chateau Du Devoument, Ouro Vipra, and Canard De Pluie translate to House of Devotion, Gold Viper, and Rain Duck.
  • Who is at the top of The Commonwealth? Pamela, Lance, Mercer, and Max?
  • Is Max the Gold Viper?
  • Is Lance the House of Devotion?
  • What if Carol were the one to end Magna or Gabriel (the Dwight role in the comic book)?
  • Vincenti's real world address may be located in Dover Township, Ohio.
  • Sherrandy's take: In the The Walking Dead: World Beyond's Season Finale post-credits scene, they mention Primrose heading to Toledo, Ohio
  • Is there a grander TWDU narrative to The Commonwealth?
  • What did Pamela Milton do before the apocalypse?
  • What if Primrose is but a 3rd dimension that serves as the foundation of The Commonwealth? Because what comes after The Commonwealth storyline?
  • What the date on the invoice might tell us (9/11/2010).


  • Gabriel & Rosita's conversation suggests that they may not be living together.
  • Does The Commonwealth have a say in marriages?
  • Why did Judith ask Mei for the receipt for the Motorhead album purchase?
  • Is Judith afraid of being accused of stealing or having to owe Mei a favor?
  • Did Judith want to return the record to pocket the cash (since she's living in the lower class with Daryl)?
  • Who are Mei’s parents and are they in the Upper Class?
  • Can Mei be trusted?
  • On what and where do people spend their money?
  • Is Juanita Princess Sanchez's hair sad?


  • We've all felt like Lance Hornsby, entering the gala: when you think someone's waving at you, but they're really waving at the person behind you.
  • Where will this Carol & Lance dynamic lead?
  • Will Carol be able to stay one step ahead of Lance?
  • Shoutout to Melissa McBrideJosh Hamilton!
  • Lance Hornsby time outside/before The Commonwealth
  • What do you gain by winning The Commonwealth Lottery?
  • Is The Lottery an incentive mechanism?

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