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Saturday, March 12, 2022

[Episode 180] Season 11, Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, "Rogue Element"

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At 1900 hours, or Seven in the PM, we're going 11x11 on your asses. This episode introduced a satisfying amount of frustration (we know how that sounds): between the deception wrought upon #EugenePorter (on behalf of #StephanieVega / Shira / #MaxineHawkins), the larger deception of #TheCommonwealth on #Mercer (and Connie/Kelly), and #LanceHornsby showing his cards to #CarolPeletier.
We definitely cut out a lot of hijinks and extended conversations (not to mention rampant technical difficulties - which are hilarious in their own way) in the pre-show, post-show, and even throughout the episode! This is definitely an unedited episode recording you do not want to miss out on! You can stream it, now, and all Early Access Unedited Episode Recordings by supporting us, here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:



  • Was this episode boring?
  • Aliza: Eugene Porter's Shakespearean monologue, Connie in peril? And the Oscar goest to: Josh McDermitt
  • Jasmine: A rewatch can do this episode wonders.
  • Why did Shira let things go too far?
  • Rachael: Questions finally answered?
  • Is there an actual Stephanie Vega?
  • #CarolBeCaroling
  • Bridget: Was this episode inspired by Alfred Hitchcock?
  • We see each character in The Commonwealth through the various perspectives of our characters.
  • Sherrandy: The writers have been experimenting with different styles; this episode feels like a spy thriller, while 11x06 "On the Inside" felt more like a horror movie.


  • Why does Max (Maxine Hawkins?) come to Eugene, at the end?
  • How does Shira know what Eugene said on the radio?
  • How did Eugene not catch Shira in her lies?
  • Was Max caught while talking to Eugene?
  • Was Max in on Lance Hornsby's plan?
  • Similar to Fear the Walking Dead Season 2, with Jack tricking Alicia Clark into letting him board The Abigail.
  • How long has Max been Pamela Milton's assistant?
  • Are Lance, Max, Shira, and the rest of The Plumbers Union working to take down the class divide within The Commonwealth?
  • History repeats itself: widening class divides always leads to revolution.
  • Will Magna join the resistance?
  • Was Max blackmailed by Hornsby?
  • Aliza: Could Shira, Max, and Mercer all be related?
  • Next episode, TWD: The Musical!
  • Bridget: Only Eugene gets catfished in the apocalypse!
  • Sherrandy performs a little Les Misérables!
  • Did the episode leave the audience with more questions than answers?
  • How long were Eugene & Max been communicating over the radio, singing When the Wind Blows by Iron Maiden?
  • What is Tyler Davis being charged with?
  • Names on the paper given to Connie: Garrett Immel (makeup artist), Ramon Guzman (art department), Kirk Riley (stunt performer).
  • Denise Huth (Executive Producer) was previously used as The Governor's wife and Tom Luse (Executive Producer) was used as Pamela Milton's dad.
  • Connie is in The Truman Show.
  • What kind of document did Eugene actually sign and was it similar to the document Editor Jan 
    mentioned Tyler Davis signed?
  • Was Tyler banished?


  • Lance doesn't want the Alexandrians to see the Commonwealth and their communities as separate, but refers to them as different during his confrontation with Eugene.
  • Has Lance been moving people up to gain their loyalty?
  • Is Lance moving people up or promising to?
  • What does Moto's community need money for if they aren't a part of the Commonwealth?
  • Does Lance want Alexandria to be a Commonwealth outpost?
  • Will Moto's arrest tip-off The Commonwealth to Lance's shady dealings?
  • How much does Pamela really know?
  • Does all the opium go to the hospital?
  • 2.5 acres typically produces between 17.6 to 36 pounds per season.
  • Is Lance trying to wrestle control of The Commonwealth from Pamela?
  • Could Lance be a better leader, since he worked his way to the top?
  • Does The Commonwealth even hold (free & fair) elections? Sounds a lot like Tweedism (named after Boss Tweed, who's philosophy was "I don't care who does the electing, as long as I get to do the nominating.").
  • The Hilltop formula: Maggie Rhee to Gregory, Paul "Jesus" Rovia to Maggie, Tara Chambler to Jesus. Comparing these two second-in-commands: Simon to Lance.
  • Aidan (in the chat): Makes you wish Deanna Monroe was still alive.
  • Aliza Standard Time: Aliza leaves us.
  • Cult of Personality takes precedence over a candidate's policy-positions, just ask anyone in the debate between John F. Kennedy & Richard Nixon.
  • Is it harder to come back and re-civilize as opposed to losing it in the first place? Bridget is reminded of the Hatchet series of books, by Gary Paulsen.


  • How similar are Mercer and Lance?
  • Tyler Davis was being held in hospital room M33, which is the Master Number in Numerology.
  • What if Tyler becomes a martyr?
  • "You Mother Puss Bucket" - Moto quotes Bill Murray's Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters.
  • Michael Cudlitz (who played Abraham Ford) directed this episode!


  • Eugene tacked the waffle cone left in his hands the day "Stephanie" disappeared onto the serial killer board
  • The clock hands in the town square are broken, providing an illusion of time or that even time, as a system (like The Commonwealth's society), is broken.
  • Juanita "Princess" Sanchez's imaginary lasagna!
  • As Jasmine leaves us, let's talk Princess: Is she painfully aware of what is going on with Eugene? Bridget & Aidan share how their lives connect with the story Princess tells Eugene.
  • Eugene's Kansas City: World's Best Barbeque shirt is reminiscent of his Virginia is for Lovers shirt in The Walking DeadSeason 5. Also similar to Morgan Jones' Don't Mess with Texas shirt he receives from Grace Mukherjee in Fear The Walking Dead, Season 5.

  • Does Lance see himself in Carol Peletier?
  • Is Lance unintentionally training his replacement?
  • Could Lance be crushing on Carol?
  • Is Lance planning to use the new Alexandria Safe-Zone recruits to enact his plans?
  • Why does Max show up now?
  • What is Max risking by approaching Eugene?
  • Why should Eugene believe Max?
  • Could Max have been banned from speaking with Eugene after falling in love with him?
  • What is this plan's endgame?
  • Are The Commonwealth and the Civic Republic Military aware of one another?
  • Is Pamela the modern version of Gregory?
  • Don't care, where's Rick Grimes.
  • How will Princess react to finding out that Eugene was right?
  • Was disappearing "Stephanie" really as stupid a plan as it sounds?
  • Can an admission of temporary emotional/mental distress be held against them?
  • How Could Max let this happen to Eugene?
  • Proof of economic deflation in The Commonwealth Tribune (Issue 523: which indicates they are 10-years into publication).

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