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Saturday, March 19, 2022

[Episode 181] Season 11, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead, "The Lucky Ones"

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What is luck? Is it forged? Is it random? Where was it when #MaggieRhee's subsequent communities fell and while on the road with #HershelRhee? And what about #LanceHornsby, a nobody who believed in himself so much he became someone indispensable to #TheCommonwealth?
We tell some deeply personal stories in the pre-show and expand on so much more in the Unedited Episode Recording of this #podcast. It's definitely well worth the watch/listen. To get eyes on it while supporting one of the BEST #TWDUniverse #podcasts, head here:

David Cameo:
Sherrandy Swift:



  • We will be at Fandemic! See us at table A139! [Editor's Note: we created a compilation video based on what you  were looking forward to most at Fandemic] 
  • Huge shout-out to Ryan Hoak for his humbling generosity (to our podcast and Vanessa during the Jackbox Games Charity Livestream)!
  • Submit your questions for the following potential interviews with the following TWDU actors:
    • Khary Payton (King Ezekiel Sutton)
    • Michael James Shaw (Mercer)
    • Seth Gilliam (Gabriel Stokes)
    • Cailey Fleming (Judith Grimes)
    • Austin Amelio (Dwight)
    • Alexa Mansour (Hope Bennett)
    • Cooper Andrews (Jerry)
    • Michael Cudlitz (Abraham Ford)
    • Cassady McClincy (Lydia)
    • Christine Evangelista (Sherry)
  • Bridget’s Oceanside shirt!
  • Where’s Luke?
  • What is luck?
  • Jasmine: Hated Maggie Rhee in Season 11A, but found herself siding with her here.
  • Bridget: Enjoyed seeing the communities such as Oceanside, and also enjoyed seeing Dianne.
  • Is Lance Hornsby wrong?
  • Bridget discusses The Devil’s Coin Flip.
  • What is the cost of survival?


  • Why does Maggie make the decision to decline the offer from The Commonwealth?
  • Is it when Maggie sees Daryl Dixon fall in line/formation at Mercer's beck and call?
  • What does The Commonwealth have to gain from rebuilding the other communities?

  • Did Lance fail?

  • How did Lance and Pamela Milton know each other before the fall?
  • Pamela was in philanthropy and crossed paths with Deanna Monroe.
  • When is it okay to give up?
  • Is Maggie wrong?
  • Do we want things to return to the way they were?
  • Can these characters really maintain their freedom?
  • Can they truly even leave The Commonwealth?
  • Is a safe place even possible (calling back to our discussions during FearTWD Season 6)?
  • Is The Commonwealth the endgame for our characters (like it is in the comic book)?
  • What is Pamela’s main goal?
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  • Why did Maggie not mention Rick Grimes as one of her mentors?
  • Did Maggie make the right call?
  • What will it take for you to finally ask for help?
  • Should Maggie take the deal for the sake of her people?
  • Would you go to The Commonwealth?
  • Where do you draw the line for helping people or not helping people?
  • Revisiting whether Pamela is really ignorant of the comings and goings on in The Commonwealth?

  • Lance Hornsby is the resident Saul Goodman (from Breaking Bad) of the TWDU.
  • Why aren’t we instinctually not rooting for Hornsby (even though some of us kind of are)?
  • We say "Goodnight Jasmine!" as we tell her to go to bed, Jasmine.


  • Watch Dave's reaction to this episode before continuing:
  • Where is Leah Shaw?
  • Where is Negan?
  • Were you at least initially mad at Max (like Dave was)?
  • Angela Kang is taking our jobs!
  • Perspective is key: watching things from Max's point of view really helped him see her side of things.
  • Max and Eugene Porter have a similar fashion taste (she is wearing a Keep Wisconsin Cheesy t-shirt, according to production stills)!
  • The Walking Dead starring Aidan as Eugene and Aidan as Max. Coming sooner than you'd expect!
  • Why did Eugene hide what happened with Shira (AKA Fake Stephanie) from Rosita Espinosa?
  • What is Mercer afraid of?


  • Does Ezekiel deserve a little luck?
  • Is it better to die in the horrors of the apocalypse or waiting for a surgery?
  • Is Carol Peletier the answer for The Commonwealth, as it currently operates?
  • Why would Rachel Ward handcuff The Oceanside to The Hilltop?
  • Where is Cyndie?

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