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Saturday, April 16, 2022

[Episode 186] Season 11, Episode 16 of The Walking Dead, "Acts of God"

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We do our absolute best to make sense of what felt, overall, to be a slightly "off" episode. This episode made us feel, in the most visceral way, the race towards #TWD's finish. More than anything else, for all the build-up her character was afforded, we were aghast at the sudden dispatching of #LeahShaw and Dave, at least, is had issues with the direction #LanceHornsby's character is heading.
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  • Dave: Worried about Lance Hornsby’s character development; Leah Shaw and The Reapers arc, on the whole, going out with a whimper.
  • Sherrandy: Furious about Leah’s ending.
  • Dave notes a similarity in Leah to Morgan Jones during his clear phase.
  • Do you, too, hope that Daryl Dixon's execution of Leah affects him in some way?
  • Sherrandy: this entire season feels rushed.
  • Were the time skipping elements in the second trimester of Season 11 even necessary?


  • Why develop Leah’s character so well (TWD 10x18 Find Me through TWD 11x04 Rendition) for it to have such little impact on the entire story?
  • Why were Maggie Rhee and Pope ultimately at odds?
  • Dave: Maggie had focused more on her failed communities' physical location than the lives of the actual people living in them (and fleeing, than letting sleeping Reapers lie).
  • Similarly, Madison Clark also admits it was about protecting her kids, not a place (Fear The Walking Dead 4x08 No One's Gone).
  • After some technical difficulties: Dave offers to embrace his inner Daryl Dixon/Lydia by eating worms. He will eat two (2) worms for every one of SQUAWKING DEAD's accounts that reach 2,000 followers before the end of April, 2022: YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok accounts! 10,000 followers? Dave will fly out to the 10,000th follower for each account and have them feed him 10 worms!
  • Why did Leah hesitate to kill Maggie?
  • Is Leah hesitant because Maggie is a mother?
  • Sherrandy says Leah’s demise was just as underwhelming Alden's.
  • What does this trimester's end mean for the final trimester of The Walking Dead's 11th and final season?
  • What does Daryl’s journey look like moving forward?
  • Leah’s unsatisfying death hurts her character's arc, The Reaper's arc, and (at least partially) Daryl’s growth.
  • Will Daryl resent Maggie and blame her for him having to kill Leah?
  • What is the extent of Lance Hornsby's clearing the field?
  • Can Daryl even return to The Commonwealth?
  • Is the point where Daryl & Carol Peletier could start their spinoff?
  • Bridget: What if Daryl dies (AKA, no Daryl & Carol spin-off)?


  • One of Lance's Commonwealth Army troopers was named Romano, whose name is recycled from Will Campbell's Campus Colony partner in The Walking Dead: World Beyond.
  • What was the purpose of the snake randomly appearing in the shoot-out scene?
  • As a result, we'd be interested in seeing the a director's cut of this episode (might've made more visual & narrative sense).
  • Bridget explains the Locusts parallel to the Eighth Plague (of 10 plagues meant to harden the heart of Egypt's Pharaoh to release the Israelites from enslavement) in the the old testament (airing so close to Passover).
  • Copperhead snakes do eat cicadas. Sherrandy compares the snake to our survivors and the locusts to The Commonwealth.
  • Angela Kang is laying Easter Eggs in this episode, solely for SQUAWKING DEAD to interpret (after mocking her Inside The Episode segments for so long and complaining that she's taking out jobs).
  • Maggie gently/quietly laying down the now-dead walker reminds Sherrandy of Rachael's imitation/interpretation of the scene in World Beyond (2x02) where Felix Carlucci advises Iris Bennet to do similarly, "Don't let em hit the ground! We gotta catch em!".
  • Poor Marco!
  • Hershel Rhee’s hateful interaction with Negan!


  • Eugene Porter has become a pussy-crusher according to Bridget.
  • Because we can forgive, but lest we forget: Eugene is also a dick-biter!
  • Cast trip to Disneyworld!
  • We break from our coverage to acknowledge Dave’s Thirst Trap of the Week: Cooper Andrews.
  • The "triangle" names on Eugene’s shirt are Jeffrey, Frederick, and Eugene.
  • In addition to Dave thirsting for Cooper Andrews, we thirst for: Ian Anthony Dale (Tomichi Okumura), Michael James Shaw (General Michael Mercer), and most notably Josh Hamilton (Lance Hornsby).
  • 🎖SURVIVORS Tier Member, Linda, mentions her love of Lance's character development. Also notes parallels to Harvey Dent (AKA Two-Face, from D.C.'s Batman comics) Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men.
  • Sherrandy, referring to Lance: Wouldn’t it be poetic that the big-bad at the end of The Walking Dead be the one who helped instantiate the zombie apocalypse?
  • Was the original side-project, which included the caravan of weapons, Lance briefly mentions to Toby Carlson really all about taking down our survivors "Hick Communities"?
  • Noteworthy: Oceanside depicted with men in their ranks (having started off as being anti-male as a result of their dealings with The Saviors)!
  • Will Lance gun down Oceanside's inhabitants?
  • Why didn't producers just include a 12th season, to prevent them from rushing through the events of this season (or at least this trimester)?
  • Lance may not know what our characters are capable of, but what's scarier is how we barely even know what Lance is capable of.


  • Can Pamela Milton change?
  • Bridget: Pamela is her own worst enemy because she cannot look forward, only backward.
  • Does Pamela truly care about Max Mercer?
  • 🤫WALKERS TIER Member, Aidan, mentions the similarities Negan & Pamela: They had their respective communities in the palm of their hand, until everyone turned on them after finding another way (for better or worse).
  • How will The Commonwealth lead by the time TWD wraps?
  • Lance’s coin depicts Pamela’s father, President William Milton (circa1982).
  • The phrase on the back of the coin, Pedestre Mortuus Est, literally translates to The Walker/Pedestrian is Dead... AKA The Walking Dead.
  • Could The Miltons be involved in the creation of the walker virus?
  • That Aidan guy keeps stealing all of our co-hosts for his interviews!
  • Does King Ezekiel Sutton’s participation in the dissemination of Connie's rogue zine foreshadow his demise? 
  • Could Rosita Espinosa be nearing her end?
  • Will the Carol & Daryl spin-off depict a progressively deteriorating walker Daryl?
  • Daryl’s communication to Lance over the walkie reminded us of Father Gabriel Stokes' "Call me Gabriel" moment.
  • We struggle to analyze the moments of Daryl and Maggie's escape from Leah's cabin: what was Daryl trying to accomplish by shooting at Lance, shooting randomly outside the windows at The Commonwealth troopers, then shooting the back window?
  • What is Lance’s next step, now that he has taken made our survivors' communities Outposts of The Commonwealth?
  • And, again, where are characters like Virgil & Luke?
  • Don't the twists and turns make the show worth watching?
  • Despite out uncharacteristic gripes. we are incredibly optimistic for a stellar finish of The Walking Dead's final season!
  • What if Leah shows up again as a ghost that literally haunts Daryl? BeetleShaw! BeetleShaw! BeetleShaw! We'll miss Lynn Collins and thank her for giving us such a memorable character.

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