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Saturday, April 23, 2022

[Episode 187] Season 7, Episode 9 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Follow Me"

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The #midseasonpremiere kicks off with #AliciaClark's revolution underway, having already sought assistance from Arno (and failed). With that understanding, the show-runners take time to tell us an anthologized story in the process to show her a new way forward: to much polarization from the audience.
This was originally meant to be a #livestream that underwent horrible dips and stops. We stitched a rough copy of exactly what went down, with all its mishaps for our supporters - if you you'd like to watch it knowing that you are supporting the BEST #TWDU #podcast (that are only human and encounter difficulties like the rest of you, only on full display), head here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:


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  • Rachael is making headway in her VFX makeup class!
  • Bridget: Always find the silver lining! Loved Paul, loved the Scotland references, and the Alicia Clark focused episode. Along with Rachael, not a fan of her sweaty, fever or Paul's death.
  • Could we be seeing the side effects from the (possibly irradiated) walker blood that splattered all over Alicia in the first half of Season 5?
  • Dave: This episode was a masterpiece. Never fully embraced the hype fans had towards Alicia's character as a hero/bad-ass.
  • Dave: This episode is working through issues with Alicia’s (arrested) character development from prior seasons.
  • Addressing possibly confusion: Alicia trying to get back to her friends on the sub, not the followers she was trying to lead from Theodore Maddox's bunker.
  • But is Alicia truly equipped to be a leader?
  • Bridget explains the way Alicia demonstrated leadership qualities in the back half of Season 3, at Broke Jaw Ranch.
  • Bridget wonders whether Follow Me was all a dream.
  • Paul represents Alicia's hope and optimism.
  • Similarities to The Wizard of Oz: along with a girl in pigtails (albeit, in a gas mask) like the character Dorothy Gale.

  • Has the audience expected Alicia to fill the void Madison Clark left since her departure?

  • Rachael would've preferred more of an ensemble-style (rather than anthology-style) episode, for a mid-season premiere
  • Should they have swapped 7x09 with 7x10 since it contained more cast?
  • 🎖SURVIVORS Tier Member: Jasmine's take, "Hagus ain't so bad!"
  • Rachael: It would be better if this were a stand alone movie, but for an episode in an overall arc, it doesn't move the story along.
  • Dave: It does move the story forward, just not in the way you would've hoped/preferred.
  • Get on with the war, already!
  • Is Alicia actually sick or is it in her head?
  • Sherrandy asks, in the chat: Might her confidence have been shaken from the events of Damage on the Inside (6x07), in that she chose to provide Dakota asylum from Virginia?
  • Bridget felt the opening sequence was surreal and dreamlike.
  • Was Paul's phrasing of the musical instruments as "out of tune" a metaphor for No one's gone until they're gone?
  • What role does luck play in the apocalypse?
  • When was the last time Alicia was actually in a good place?

  • Bridget hopes we continue to actually see Alicia’s character develop over the course of the remaining episodes, rather than squelched by time jumps; however, a montage will suffice.
  • Shoutout to Warren "Wawa" Snipe, who actually played the bagpipes in Paul's final moments on screen (gone too soon!).

  • What good is Paul’s cochlear implant if it's non-operational?
  • Is the little girl in the gas mask a representation of a younger Alicia? ...all of the people waiting to be helped/help her? ...connected to the group that has her mother?
  • Is Ode to Joy, a song that preaches peace between all peoples, a breadcrumb for things to come? Will there even be a war?
  • Sherrandy recommends Immortal Beloved, a movie that depicts Beethoven's struggle with hearing loss.
  • Paul patched the bagpipes with the skin from a walker’s face!

  • After Dave explains the significance of both Paul & Ed Gein (from Damage from the Inside) being two men, gone too soon, that remind Alicia to trust/believe in herselfSherrandy points out Paul was shot in the same spot where Ed was impaled.

  • Dave's Crazy Brain: Might Alicia’s illness be derived from something sci-fi-like contained within walker Senator Vazquez's blood?
  • Was all these events part of Executive Producers Ian Goldberg & Andrew Chambliss' overall roadmap?
  • Parallel: Arno's left hand is shot just like Alicia’s left arm.
  • Spenser Granese (Arno) also played Arlo on Better Call Saul.

  • Now that Alicia is assuming the role of  PADRE, will we ever see its location?
  • What if the people who have Madison are (in the actual) PADRE?
  • ChrisTheBeat, in the chat, asks if Alicia was the one broadcasting PADRE's existence in the surrounding region.
  • Should Alicia lead or should she follow? Dave & Rachael spar on this one.

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