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Saturday, April 30, 2022

[Episode 188] Season 7, Episode 10 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Mourning Cloak"

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This episode takes time to finally focus on Charlie. Although "Mourning Cloak" is meant to highlight the beginning of the end for her, it might serve as a reawakening for #JuneDorie, who had retreated into herself since #JohnDorie's demise (similar to #AliciaClark). And how do we feel about Howard after this episode?
We had some massive technical issues, which ended up stirring a LOT of slap-happy behavior, a chunk of it which we managed to capture in the Unedited Version of this episode. If you want to stream this and get early access to future unedited episode recordings, as well attend the real-time chat during our recording sessions, support your favorite #TWDU #podcast, here:

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  • On February 18th, shortly after AMC released the titles to the latter half of FearTWD's 7th season, Sherrandy recorded her take on what the title Mourning Cloak meant: how accurate was she?
  • The Mourning Cloak butterfly does typically live much longer than the average butterfly (12 months), as opposed to a month or a season, at best.
  • Charlie is the obvious reference, but might the mourning cloak actually be June Dorie, since she has retreated within herself since John Dorie's passing?
  • And how is the mourning cloak more representative of Charlie?
  • Jasmine has always liked Charlie and never cared for Madison Clark or Nick Clark
  • Sherrandy points out that Charlie is one of June’s last connections to John since they had taken care of Charlie in the latter half of Season 4.

  • But what’s the issue with living in Victor Strand’s tower, anyway?

  • June & Charlie took care of one another whilst living with The Vultures after the stadium's collapse.

  • 🤫WHISPERERS Tier Member Tyler Phillip Cox interviewed Erik Jensen (Dr. Steven Edwards from The Walking Dead), a character who killed another doctor for his own self preservation.
  • Is June in danger after confronting Howard?

  • Is being a doctor in The Walking Dead Universe always a death sentence (Siddiq, Enid, Harlan Carson, Emmett Carson, Caleb Subramanian, Dana from The Kingdom, Dante, Denise Cloyd, Pete Anderson, Hershel Greene, etc.)?

  • Should June & Tomichi Okumura (from TWD) be worried?

  • What is the purpose of Victor keeping butterflies in mason jars?
  • Does Strand relate to the butterflies because they were once one thing and then morphed into something better/more beautiful?
  • ...Or is Strand making potential rangers capture butterflies to haze them as John Dorie Sr. alludes?
  • Could Howard be pulling Victor's strings? Or has he become a man of faith (in Victor's vision) whose faith in Strand might eventually break?
  • Did Howard have children? Or always wanted to? Is that why he fosters this strange, but intimate relationship with Ali Muhammad?
  • Where is Strand? Scouting ahead? Staying overnight?
  • John Dorie Sr. is playing the game well (trying to, perhaps, have Strand's/Howard's ear)!
  • What if PADRE is really The Commonwealth?

    (If you want to see what's inside the PADRE documents, check out our blog covering the episode by the same name, here)
  • Callback: The radio channel Ali tells Charlie to communicate with him on is 4, which is the title of Fear The Walking Dead's 9th episode of Season 5. It's the introduction of Wes and Tess, but the overall theme? Helping others helps (fix) ourselves.

  • In what way might this episode be viewed as "cringe"?
  • Is life worth living if we're living only to survive?
  • What are Arno and The Stalkers looking for and what is their end game?
  • Will we ever see everything that happened during Alicia Clark's time in the bunker?

  • We figure out what the female Stalker refers to as The Pit (the nuclear warhead impact crater). She asks, "Why does Victor keep sending people to the pit?"
  • In the spirit of Beethoven's Ode to Joy (from the last episode, FearTWD 7x09 Follow Me) can peace between all peoples (on this show) be achieved?
  • Did Ali become the butterfly at the close of this episode?

  • Is Charlie really dying and why is it so hard to believe that she is?
  • What will Charlie look like the next time we see her?

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