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Sunday, May 8, 2022

[NEWS] "Dead in the Water: A Fear The Walking Dead Story" Now Available For Public Consumption

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First announced well over a year ago, at the start of Fear The Walking Dead's 6th Season, Dead in the Water was billed as the tale of why the Submarine was so significant to the season premiere.

Throughout our watch of Season 6 (which, to remind everyone, started in Fall of 2020), the puzzle pieces started to depict a much clearer picture of the submarine's significance, even though we received no further announcements of the series' development until the end of 2021/beginning of 2022. Some of us knew, immediately, what Walter's key was for, right from the first episode which, in the final analysis, was an interesting and ominous distraction as we all struggled, week-by-week, to determine how the submarine's nuclear capabilities would ultimately fit into the struggle between Morgan Jones & Alicia Clark et al versus Virginia and her Rangers.

The series was always going to be an AMC+ exclusive, but as the 6th Season came to a close (and Spring of 2021 rolled into Summer), we still received no further updates since the initial announcement made close to a year prior. Google News searches still only pulled up articles from the initial announcement and all that could be found in a general search pulled up speculation on what the series would even contain, let alone whether it was really even in development. So imagine our collective surprise when AMC+ finally released Dead in the Water at the close of The Walking Dead's 2nd trimester of it's 11th and final season (during Fear The Walking Dead's midseason break of it's 7th Season)!

AMC+ subscribers were able to enjoy Dead in the Water on Sunday, April 10th @ Midnight, Pacific/US time; however, only a month later/earlier this morning (Mother's Day/May 8th), The Walking Dead's YouTube channel decided to make all 6 parts available in separate YouTube videos. This astute podcaster would've simply shared a link to the playlist containing all six episodes, had the YouTube channel bothered to create one. So, instead, we're behooved to provide you with all six parts embedded within this humble blog of ours.

Please enjoy Dead in the Water: A Fear The Walking Dead Story

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