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Sunday, May 8, 2022

[Episode 189] Surrounding Melissa McBride's Exit from the Daryl (and now not Carol) Spin-off Series

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We extracted this conversation from our upcoming discussion on #FearTWD 7x11 "Ofelia". #MelissaMcBride announced she would not be joining #NormanReedus in the, still unnamed, upcoming #CarolAndDaryl #Spinoff series. We get into the eruption from the minority in the #CARYL contingent and the response.
As we said, we had lifted this conversation from out upcoming discussion on #FearTheWalkingDead 7x11 "Ofelia". We edited out a lot from even this 25 minute video (and you thought this was spicy?)! If you always want early access to our unedited episode discussions and to get the full, unvarnished breakdown, support the best #TWDU #podcast by heading here:

David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:


  • Norman Reedus did not make the decision to film in Europe.
  • Melissa McBride said her departure does not mean the end for her in the role of Carol Peletier.
  • Angela Kang initially stepped down as showrunner for then Daryl centric spin-off, but will still serve as executive producer alongside E.R. producer, David Zabel.
  • Rachael spent a lot of time on Twitter just to laugh at the ridiculous posts that followed the announcements.
  • Why are some fans unable to separate characters and actors?
  • Here is the conversation between Dave and Ben from Just Keep Walking podcast, talking about The Walking Dead announcing the series ending after the 11th season and the simultaneous announcement of what was supposed to be the Daryl & Carol TWD Spin-off Series.
  • Does David Zabel watch The Walking Dead?
  • What will this show even be about?
  • Does filming in Europe mean the story will be set in Europe?
  • Could filming in Europe be a way to have Andrew Lincoln to return to The Walking Dead Universe as Rick Grimes?

  • Could this spin-off become a remix of the The Walking Dead Comic Book spin-off series The Alien (perhaps Norman taking on the role of Jeffrey Grimes)?
  • Might it possible that this spin-off series is a complete red herring?
  • Could Lydia, Connie, or another character join the spin-off?
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Yvette Nicole Brown, and many others have spoken up in defense their co-stars/friends.
  • While Dave applauds YNB for speaking up, it does spark a conversation about the appropriate social media response to (e.g.) entitled fans that treat actors as, perhaps, less than human.

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