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Sunday, May 8, 2022

[Episode 190] Season 7, Episode 11 of Fear The Walking Dead, "Ofelia"

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This episode is a perfect example of feeling at a loss about what else there might even be to talk about, other than our feelings of frustration with what #LucianaGalvez feels she has to do to #DanielSalazar, and walking away with some mind-blowing realizations about what Daniel is really struggling with.
WOW, I have to tell you: the total raw recording came out to roughly FOUR HOURS, packed with both this episode and the last (an excerpt where we discussed #MelissaMcBride's exit from what was supposed to be the #DarylDixon / #CarolPeletier #TWD #Spinoff series), not to mention SO many things that are not safe for public consumption and hilarious technical difficulties (e.g., Jasmine pedantically needling our sponsor about the quality of their product!!). ALL of this material is available EARLY for our supporters, who know that this is the best #TWDU #podcast! Head here for more:

David Cameo:
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  • Jasmine: Felt bored during this episode.
  • What do you think of Alycia Debnam-Carey's first stab as Director?
  • Bridget: Loves this episode and Daniel Salazar.
  • Jasmine: Frustrated by the inconsistency of Luciana Galvez.

  • Bridget: Daniel kind of reverts back to his days in seasons one and two, where he felt that no one mattered besides his family.
  • Were Luciana and Wes willing to leave Daniel behind when they were ambushed by Arno and The Stalkers?
  • Bridget bought an Alycia Debnam-Carey production clapper, which was a perk to raise money for those affected by the floods in Australia.
  • Is Luciana a hypocrite for chiding Morgan Jones, initially, for leveraging Daniel's intelligence to get into Victor Strand's tower, then ultimately deciding to do worse by employing him?
  • Rachael wants to karate chop Luciana in the throat (so she'll stop talking) for  betraying Daniel.
  • Does Daniel know that Luciana is purposefully lying to him to motivate him to help?

  • Could this have lead to a Look at the Flowers moment for Luci/Daniel (Carol Peletier executing Lizzie Samuels on The Walking Dead for killing her sister Mikka Samuels)?
  • Could Daniel have killed Wes or Luciana if they had not taken off their masks?
  • Will they ever learn to not use the radio? Dave regales everyone with a harrowing story on why they probably feel secure in its use.
  • In an attempt to justify Luciana's decision to tell Daniel Ofelia Salazar is in Strand's tower, Jasmine’s research reveals the memory games may treat Daniel's symptoms, but not the underlying psychological cause: you must enter the patient's world.
  • Are all of these callbacks to earlier seasons in preparation for Madison Clark's return?
  • Has the series been gradually phasing Morgan out as the lead character?
  • Is the anthology-style storytelling hurting the show?
  • What is the plan with the impact crater walkers and who is letting them out?
  • Could the impact crater walkers be related to the people who are holding Madison?
  • Why are the characters staying in Texas?
  • What would happen if Victor was the first person to stumble across Madison?
  • Where is Skidmark?

  • R.I.P. Arno('s legs)

  • Sherrandy, in the chat, notes the similarities between Daniel Salazar to Mike Ehrmantraut from the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul and thinks Daniel is faring better. Who do you think would fare better in TWDU, under the same conditions?
  • Do you hate Luciana after this episode?

  • Did Luciana ultimately do the right thing?
  • When will the conflict finally begin between Strand and our other survivors?
  • Will the act of Daniel saving Charlie ultimately help him recover?
  • But why is The Abigail, specifically, Daniel's trigger to find Ofelia? If we were to strongly associate Charlie with Ofelia, then the strong association to The Abigail, itself would be...!
  • Do the people on the sub know that Charlie is at the tower and dying?
  • Can Daniel’s memory return?

  • Could June Dorie help treat Daniel’s condition?
  • Why does Wes decide to go join Victor Strand?
  • Is the devil you know (Strand) better than folks you care about disappointing you?
  • Why did Wes not go back to the sub?
  • Is Wes' plan to turn on Strand, thereby freeing the tower from him before anyone can fire a shot?
  • Was Daniel on a healing path until Luciana ultimately lies to him?
  • Is it preferable to have someone you love wreck your world, rather than an enemy or complete stranger?
  • Is Luciana in danger of retaliation from Daniel if he finds out she lied to him?
  • Did Wes want to be disappointed by his brother, Derek; would knowing he attacked Tank Town while he was there make having killed him any easier on his conscience?
  • Is Charlie Daniel's found-family daughter figure: a do-over to be a father-figure for her?

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