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Friday, November 18, 2022

[Episode 204] Season 11, Episode 19 of The Walking Dead, "Variant"

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It seems like our group is finally evolving to their final Pokémon form by #EugenePorter doing the right thing for the right reason (to save #MaxxineMercer from the fate he would've otherwise been spared had he left #TheCommonwealth), #TWDPrincess fighting for better than the best of a bad situation, and #MichaelMercer's soul nearly succumbing to the fate of most in his station - having the rules not apply to them.
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Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:
Bridget Mason-Gray:

First Impressions

  • Dave loved the emotions brought forth in this episode, especially the humor and calmer moments.
    The Walking Dead season 11 episode 19 Variant MVP
  • Sherrandy says that Eugene Porter trying to square-up to Daryl Dixon is one of the funniest moments on the show.
  • Rachael says this episode has everything: She laughed, cried, cheered, and screamed. She thought it was so good she almost didn't notice that her favorite character, Carol Peletier, wasn't even in the episode.
    The Walking Dead' Delivers a Shocking Change From the Comics in 'A New  Deal' (RECAP)
  • She then admits that the conversations between Aaron & Lydia, Michael Mercer & Juanita "Princess" Sanchez, and Rosita Espinosa & Eugene were among her favorites in the entire series.
    TV Review: The Walking Dead, 11x19, “Variant” | We Live EntertainmentThe Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19 Review and Recap: Variant
  • She adds that Aaron's mention of Eric Raleigh made her particularly emotional as it made her think about his loss and, by extension, everyone else we have lost in the series.
    The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8 - Page 9
  • Dave says that Paul "Jesus" Rovia was particularly omitted during Aaron's conversation with Lydia. Then adds that the Rosita/Eugene conversation made him think of Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams.
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 9, Episode 11: “Bounty” | What Else is  on Now?The Walking Dead': Sasha's Return Scene Revealed
  • Aidan's Aside: Dave goes on to talk about the scene in season 8 episode 7 where Daryl rams a garbage truck into the Sanctuary. The person with him in that scene was Tara Chambler, not Rosita.A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 8, Episode 7: “Time for After” | What  Else is on Now?
  • Sherrandy found the episode to be somewhat dull, on first watch; however, on second watch, she enjoyed it a lot more. She was waiting for a big moment to happen that never came.
    The Walking Dead' Season 11, Episode 19 Recap: 'Variant'
  • Everyone agrees that public discussions and trailers ruined the hype over the (re)introduction of variant walkers.
    The Walking Dead Theory: From Paris, With Love
  • Have your discussions about the show on social media influenced the way you perceive the show? What about attending conventions and meeting the actors in person?
    the Walking Dead': Sebastian Twist Surprises Comic Readers
  • How often do you rewatch episodes from the TWDU, if at all?
    the Walking Dead': Sebastian Twist Surprises Comic Readers
  • Do you take notes while watching episodes, like our SQUAWKING DEAD hosts or like TWD super-fan Yvette Nicole Brown?
    Yvette Nicole Brown: Why I Still Love 'The Walking Dead'

A New Kingdom

  • Dave said that seeing the variant walkers reminded him of the Tales of the Walking Dead episode featuring Dr. Chauncey Everett.
    Tales of the Walking Dead Reveals Scientific Term for Walkers
  • Could a variant walkers ability to twist doorknobs be a remnant of their living counterpart's muscle memory?
    The Walking Dead's New Variant Zombies Unleashed in Terrifying Twist
  • What's your take on the way walkers are evolving?
    The Walking Dead Showrunner Explains "Variant" Walkers
  • Bridget mentions a podcast called We're Alive that features intelligent zombies, which she finds incredibly scary. It looks like this is TWD's attempt at MWSA = Making Walkers Scary Again.
    We're Alive: A Story of Survival - The First Season by Kc Wayland -  Radio/TV Program -
  • Sherrandy says that Lydia should have known the variant walker wasn't a Whisperer after living so many years among walkers as one.
  • Could variant walkers have killed off the remaining Whisperers we saw earlier in the season?
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 5: “Out of the Ashes” | What  Else is on Now?
  • What happened to The Oceanside community? What do you think will happen when Aaron and co finally reach it?
    The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 - the fate of Oceanside
  • Is Aaron's determination to reach Oceanside born out of his affinity towards them as a result of his journey with Enid during Season 8?
    The Walking Dead episode 10 synopsis reveals the fate of Enid and Aaron,  teases showdown

Relationships in the Commonwealth

  • Dave was ecstatic to receive more scenes wth Teo Rapp-Olsson, even if it's of him as a walker!The Walking Dead, Variant: Things To Note
  • Will we continue to see walker Sebastian Milton?
    The Walking Dead, Variant: Things To Note - Page 3
  • Sherrandy says she would love to see Sebastian bite Pamela Milton.
    The Walking Dead season 11, episode 19 recap: Variant
  • It's clear that she is mourning the loss of her son, but what is Pamela's mindset towards The Commonwealth and our survivors as a result?
  • What does Pamela have planned for Lance Hornsby?
  • Where is Shira? Could she attempt to switch allegiances to save her own life? Will our survivors allow her to?
    The Walking Dead Reveals the Truth About Stephanie Vega
  • If people like Dwight can be redeemed, can someone like Shira? If she she is allowed to redeem herself, will that (classically) lead to her death?
    Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: Dwight Crosses Over From  The Walking Dead - TV Guide
  • Will Mercer finally relent and figure out a way to save Eugene? Or is it a lot more complicated than it looks?
    The Walking Dead' (Re)Introduces Smart Walkers in 'Variant' (RECAP)
  • Sherrandy points out Michael James Shaw's (AKA Mercer) awesome facial expressions in this episode.
    Who plays Mercer on The Walking Dead?
  • Dave says that the way Eugene saves Maxxine (Max) Mercer is by doing the right thing, while her brother, Mike, tries to save her by doing the wrong thing.
    Who is Max on The Walking Dead series played by Margot Bingham?
  • Dave then talks about how the way Mercer physically and verbally responds to Princess in the last scene hit him on such a deep level, it brought forth some memories from his days in theater.
    The Walking Dead: Season 11 Episode 19 “Variant” Incorporates Spinoff's  Mythology - Horror Obsessive
  • Sherrandy said her favorite scene of the episode was the Mercer/Princess scene, especially the moment where she says, "It could be better."
    The Walking Dead' season 11 episode 19 'Variant' recap/review • AIPT
  • Rachael says it is depressing to witness such a happy character reveal such a dark past.
    The Walking Dead Princess GIF - The Walking Dead Princess Twd - Discover &  Share GIFs
  • This episode made Dave realize how similar Ezekiel Sutton and Princess are.
    THE WALKING DEAD Extended Season Recap: (S10E20) Splinter
  • Is there a possibility that Mercer won't do the right thing?
    The first 7 photos from the final episodes of 'The Walking Dead'
  • Bridget mentions that, as an actor, you want a scene like the one Paola Lazaro has with MJ Shaw in their last scene.
  • "Fuck [it could be worse]! It could be better. It should be better."
  • What was your immediate reaction when Pamela slipped her hand in Lance's pocket?
    the Walking Dead' Is Making Weird Story Choices in Its Final Episodes
  • What is the true nature of the bond between Pamela and Lance? Is there a romantic entanglement? Is there an unspoken struggle of power? Something in between?
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 12: “The Lucky Ones” | What  Else is on Now?
  • Bridget compares the relationship between Pamela and Lance to that of Andrea Harrison and Phillip "The Governor" Blake.
    Walking Dead': The Governor and Woodbury Bring New Horrors – The Hollywood  Reporter
  • Why did the writers leave Jesus out of the conversation between Aaron and Lydia? Even though it wasn't explicitly stated, were Jesus & Aaron actually in a romantic relationship?
    the Walking Dead' Cut Scene Showing Jesus' Boyfriend on the Show
  • Does Lance get-off on risk-taking behavior?
    The Walking Dead Theory: What's Hornsby Up To?
  • Bridget points out the growth in both the characters of Eugene and Daryl, noting how gradually - but vastly - these two have changed over the years.
    The Walking Dead: Will Eugene determine who wins All Out War?
  • Bridget says Eugene giving himself up for Max shows far he has come from the days of All Out War, when he turned on our survivors and joined Negan Smith.
    The Walking Dead: Eugene needs to be careful in the future
  • Who do you think has had the most significant character development over the course of the series?
    Walking Dead' Star Melissa McBride Exits Spinoff Series – The Hollywood  Reporter
  • What do you think of the idea of a Kingdom 2.0?
    The Walking Dead's 'Kingdom 2.0' From Season 11, Episode 19 Explained
  • Do you think there a specific reason why the variant walker keeps going after Jerry?
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19 Review: Variant | Den of Geek
  • Like Dave, did you mispronounce or forget Rosita's daughter's full name, Soccoro Espinosa?
    Rosita The Walking Dead Rosita Espinosa GIF - Rosita The Walking Dead  Rosita Espinosa Rosita Twd - Discover & Share GIFs
  • If there was an election at The Commonwealth, who would receive your vote? Would you might've considered Sebastian, up until the point Max exposes him?
    the Walking Dead' Season 11, Episode 17 Details You Missed
  • Who are the people that took Rosita at the end of the episode?
  • Could the men that take Rosita away be Lance's? Could they be Pamela's jackboots?
    Pamela Milton Pamela Twd GIF - Pamela Milton Pamela Twd Pamela The Walking  Dead - Discover & Share GIFs
  • On that note, who do you think Rosita was calling out to when the door had opened?
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 16: “Acts of God” | What  Else is on Now?
  • How many Austin Powers movies do you think it took for Teo Rapp-Olsson to get into his walker make-up? Don't understand that reference? Check out our last episode!
    Austin Powers 4 cast, release date, plot

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