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Saturday, December 10, 2022

[Episode 205] Season 11, Episode 20 of The Walking Dead, "What's Been Lost"

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There is a certain amount of uneasiness as we say farewell to both #LanceHornsby and even walker #SebastianMilton. This is very apparently offset by the fireworks between #YumikoOkumura & #PamelaMilton, throughout this episode. Are some of our criticisms based in our present day concerns towards #TWD's impending close? Is it our biases (e.g., what we want to have happened versus what is happening)? Let us know while rating us (make sure to mention your social media handle so we can shout you out)!
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David Cameo:
Rachael Burt:
Sherrandy Swift:

  • How do you feel about saying good bye to Teo Rapp-Olsson's Sebastian Milton?
    The Walking Dead, Variant: Things To Note
  • Rachael expected to see Pamela Milton embrace her inner Phillip Blake, a fellow Governor, and keep her walker child.
    The Governor is super sexual with Penny. | 12 Disturbing Moments From The  Walking Dead Comics You'll Be Glad the Show Skipped | POPSUGAR  Entertainment Photo 6
  • Sherrandy wanted more walker Sebastian. She feels as underwhelmed as she did with the deaths of Lance Hornsby and Leah Shaw.
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 16: “Acts of God” | What  Else is on Now?
  • Dave had a conversation with Just Keep Walking podcast host, Ben, about the differences in show-running styles between Scott Gimple and Angela Kang. He says he feels sometimes Angela Kang builds up bad guys, only to throw them away, unceremoniously (at least as far as the last season is concerned).
    Angela Kang and Scott M. Gimple honored for Walking Dead Universe
  • Sherrandy adds that she felt Lance's death was incredibly predictable.
    The Walking Dead: Carol Peletier kills Lance Hornsby with arrow while  looking for missing friends - Sound Health and Lasting Wealth
  • Is Pamela our big bad for the remainder of the season?
    The Walking Dead Recap: Season 11, Episode 12 — 'The Lucky Ones' | TVLine
  • Will we see a walker Lance?
    Lance Hornsby's fly was down for big Walking Dead scene |
  • Where is Michael Mercer? Is there a possibility that he was taken with the rest of the group?
    The Walking Dead: Mercer makes a bold move
  • Does Mercer even know that our heroes have been taken?
    The Walking Dead: Who Is Mercer? | Den of Geek
  • Pamela replaces Maxxine Mercer with Kathleen, played by Katie Causey. Katie has been Melissa McBride's stand-in for 7 Seasons. Melissa was supposed to be off for the day they shot Katie's scene, but came in to watch her perform and even do stand-in work for her.
  • Mitchell, in the real-time chat, says we are overdue for a major death from one of our major characters. He speculates maybe Rosita Espinosa will die in the next episode.
    The Walking Dead season 10B: Why Rosita's storyline is important
  • Did our group's arrival present the first time that Mercer even considered siding with anything/anyone other than The Commonwealth?
    The Walking Dead S11E12 Scene: Mercer's Advice Could Save Daryl's Life
  • Our hosts point out that Lance was a chauffeur's son, therefore he should have been a chauffeur. This makes him the one exception among The Commonwealth's citizens: the very cause of its road to ruin. Sherrandy points out that he is "driving" things in The Commonwealth.
    Lance Hornsby's fly was down for big Walking Dead scene |
  • Is it our group, this time, that's sewing chaos within The Commonwealth or is it actually Lance Hornsby?
    the Walking Dead' Failed Lance, One of Its Most Interesting Antagonists
  • Dave points out that Lance is shot on the opposite side of the neck where Sebastian was bitten.
    The Walking Dead boss explains reason for Sebastian's Walker death: 'On  purpose' | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |
  • Who could lead The Commonwealth if Pamela was done?
    The Walking Dead: a hated comic character Sebastian has been cast
  • Is Dog sedated on the bus - at the end - with a hood over his head, as well?
    The Walking Dead fans sign petition begging show not to kill Daryl's dog
  • Is Annie Smith just another doomed red shirt?
  • What is the significance of Lance caving in Sebastian's skull and leaving his coin in its wreckage?
  • Sherrandy says that Lance dropped his coin in the metaphorical "slot" to make his point to Pamela that he has always been in the game.
    the Walking Dead' Failed Lance, One of Its Most Interesting Antagonists
  • Did Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier just stand there while Lance bashed in Sebastian's head?
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Ep. 20 Review: Yumiko Changes The Game
  • Was Carol testing Lance over the course of this episode to see whether he could be a potential ally?
    The Walking Dead' Season 11, Episode 20 Review: They Keep Killing The Wrong  Characters Off
  • Did Lance leave Carol to die among the moist walkers in the tunnel, hoping to get her trust, or is he just completely out of his mind?
    The Walking Dead season 11, episode 20 recap: What's Been Lost
  • Why couldn't/didn't they just cut off Lance's ankle monitor?
  • Dave says his favorite part of the episode was Yumiko Okumura's announcement that she would defend Eugene Porter.
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Ep. 20 Review: Yumiko Changes The Game
  • Does Yumiko putting a spotlight on Tomichi Okumura actually protect him?
    The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 20 Recap: The Friendships Made Along  The Way
  • Aidan's Aside: This episode was directed by TWD super-fan and Fear the Walking Dead cast member/director, Aisha Tyler.
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Ep. 20 Preview: Carol vs. Commonwealth
  • Has Yumiko worked on a lot of cases to earn the mantle of one of The Commonwealth's most established attorneys?
    The Walking Dead season 11, episode 20 recap: What's Been Lost
  • What is Eugene's fate?
    The Walking Dead is hiding a big Eugene twist
  • After Yumiko announces that she will defend Eugene, who do you think will serve as the prosecution?
    The Walking Dead's Eleanor Matsuura on Yumiko's Choice, What Comes Next, &  More! - TV Fanatic
  • Will our characters ever put their savage sides to bed?
    The Walking Dead's Carol helps Rick's gang escape Terminus in the season 5  premiere | Daily Mail Online
  • Are the prisoners being taken to work on the railroad? If so, could that be connected to the Civic Republic Military?
    Jadis Reveals the CRM Master Plan on The Walking Dead: World Beyond
  • Do you think The Walking Dead might be shooting its own foot by teeing up its upcoming spin-offs, rather than focusing on giving itself a proper ending?
    The Walking Dead: Dead City what we know so far
  • Do you think there will be a huge time jump at the end of the show?
    the Walking Dead' Showrunner Confirms 6-Year Time Jump and Flashbacks
  • Dave mentions that Matthew Negrete (Producer, Supervising Producer, and Co-Executive Producer for several seasons of TWD, who became Executive Producer of The Walking Dead: World Beyond) and Eli Jornรฉ (Executive Producer of The Walking Dead: Dead City, and Co-Executive producer of TWD's 10th Season) are consulting producers on these final episodes.
    The Walking Dead: World Beyond release date, episode titles and more
  • Could we see some characters from TWD: World Beyond in the final episodes?
    Why 'The Walking Dead: The World Beyond' is Ending After Two Seasons
  • What did Maggie Rhee do to piss off Pope?
    The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 4 Recap: Rendition
  • Will variant walkers continue to wreak more havoc on the show?
    The Walking Dead Showrunner Explains "Variant" Walkers
  • Could the The Oceanside residents be among the survivors who were loaded onto buses and black-bagged? Where is Virgil? Where are Luke & Jules?
    The Walking Dead recap: Michonne leaves the series in 'What We Become' |  SYFY WIRE

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