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Saturday, December 10, 2022

[Episode 206] Season 11, Episode 21 of The Walking Dead, "Outpost 22"

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It's not a rare thing for us to break down a scene and feel completely different things about it; however, it's seldom that we find ourselves disagreeing on almost every scene! I think that's what makes this episode so special: the audience has the potential to walk away feeling heard by one of us and, worst case scenario, knows their thoughts will be welcome in the comments and in #podcast ratings.
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Hope Versus Fear

  • Jasmine mentions how Ezekiel Sutton's arc in this episode was a highlight for her. Seeing his character finally interact with Negan Smith after all this time was remarkable.
    The Walking Dead' 11×21 Recap: “Outpost 22” | The Series Regulars
  • She adds: it was great to see the other ways Negan's past affected others - outside of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford's deaths.
    The Walking Dead: Negan's wives and the illusion of consentThe Walking Dead Season 7, episode 7: Most shocking moments - Page 3
  • How much has your view of Negan changed over the last few seasons?
    The Walking Dead Negan Kills Alpha Walk With Us Spoilers
  • Rachael found it refreshing that Negan finally realized he couldn't be the savior and embraced Ezekiel and his hopeful nature as the solution to their present predicament.
  • Sherrandy says that we shouldn't forget all of the horrible things our group have done over the years as well.
    The Walking Dead: Did The Group Go Too Far?
  • Will we ever see the old Negan again?
    The Walking Dead: Who Negan Killed in the Season 7 Premiere | Time
  • What would the catalyst be for Negan to embrace his old self? Could we see Annie Smith killed in front of Negan to trigger that behavior?
    The Walking Dead Surprises With Shock Negan Reveal
  • Aidan's Aside: I have to ask. What impact would Annie's death have on Maggie Rhee, especially if it happened in a similar fashion to Glenn? Maggie seems to really care for Annie: how would that change the dynamic between she and Negan?
    the Walking Dead' Finale Clip: Maggie's Starting to Trust Negan
  • What does an end game look like between our characters and the leaders of The Commonwealth?
    Who is The Walking Dead actress Laila Robins that plays Pamela Milton?
  • Can Daryl Dixon Rosita Espinosa reach the soldiers of the Commonwealth since they worked alongside them?
    Darsita Daryl Rosita GIF - Darsita Daryl Rosita Rosita Twd - Discover &  Share GIFs
  • Bridget praises the show for its depiction of families during wartime.
    the Walking Dead' Actor Points Out Rick Isn't a Good Guy Either
  • Rachael believes Michael Mercer is the only person potentially capable of getting through to the soldiers.
    The Walking Dead: Mercer makes a bold move
  • Is Negan right about hope being the only way feasible way of winning their fight with The Commonwealth?
    The Walking Dead Quotes - MagicalQuote
  • Sherrandy compares The Commonwealth's uprising to the French Revolution, where killing all of the elite led to terrible outcomes.
    the Walking Dead': Sebastian Twist Surprises Comic Readers
  • Dave mentions how the conductor's suicide illustrates what's at stake if our band of survivors rushes in to take on The Commonwealth.
    A Look at The Walking Dead- Season 11, Episode 22: “Faith” | What Else is  on Now?
  • Bridget compares the work camp to The Holocaust, but specifically the film Life is Beautiful.
    Life Is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella) - Watch Full Movie on Paramount Plus

Designation Two

  • What is Designation Two? Could Designation Two be in New York?
  • Is the Civic Republic Military involved with that and, furthermore, is The Warden of The Commonwealth's work camps connected to them in any way?
    The Walking Dead: World Beyond Civic Republic and Three Rings Explained |  Den of Geek
  • Could Designation Two be referring to the allies that Lance Hornsby mentioned to Pamela Milton a few episodes prior?
    the Walking Dead' Could Connect Commonwealth to People Who Have Rick
  • Why is Connie marked as Designation Two?
    The Walking Dead' Season 11, Episode 21 Review: 'Outpost 22'
  • Could she be a test subject (for The CRM)?
    The Walking Dead” Final Season Review - "Outpost 22" Takes an Unfortunate  Step Back - Bloody Disgusting
  • What do you think is The Commonwealth's purpose in separating children from their captive parents? Why divide the adults even further, separating friends and partners?
    The Walking Dead (S11E21): Outpost 22 Summary - Season 11 Episode 21 Guide
  • What happens at Outpost 22?
    Walking Dead season 11 episode 21 goes full circle with Outpost 22
  • Dave mentions how every member of The Saviors was forced to say that they were Negan. At The Commonwealth, detainees have no names.
    Molly | The Walking Dead Character Database | TWD Show Wiki
  • Will Mercer do the right thing in the end?
    The Walking Dead: Michael James Shaw Reveals How Much He Had to Work Out  For This Week's Episode | Decider
  • What's going on at The Oceanside?
    The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 - the fate of Oceanside
  • Jasmine says she finds it incredibly hard to empathize with Maggie's suffering since her return late in Season 10.
    The Walking Dead' season 10, episode 17 recap: 'Home Sweet Home' - GoldDerby
  • Will we never see Georgie again?
    The Walking Dead Answers What Happened to Georgie
  • Did you feel for Maggie's horrifying journey (as she described it), while away from our group of survivors?
    The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan on impending Maggie and Negan reunion |
  • Did the child walker Maggie encountered seem fresh (newly reanimated)?
    The Walking Dead' Season 11, Episode 21 Review: 'Outpost 22'
  • Could the child walker belong to one of the workers at The Commonwealth's work camps? Could that further explain Maggie's hopelessness?
    The Walking Dead season 11, episode 21 recap: Outpost 22
  • Bridget says this is the first time Maggie has been truly alone in a long time. It reminded her of the days following the destruction of The Prison settlement.
    The Walking Dead showrunner explains what's at Outpost 22 |
  • Dave compares Maggie's journey thus far to Job's (from the old testament's scripture), watching all her blood relatives (and Glenn) die: most before her very eyes. He goes on to say that it might even be closer to someone who lost even more than Job: Nachum Ish Gamzu. Is it any wonder why Maggie is at her breaking point at the prospect of losing Hershel Rhee?
  • Bridget, in response to Dave saying that maybe Maggie thinks, "Maybe the problem is me," proclaims, "Dave is a closet Swiftie!"
  • We happened to be at Outpost 22 (way before it appeared on the show) during The Camp's May Event (2022)!

  • Sherrandy adds that the Commonwealth Soldier that Rosita talks to at the end of the episode is voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown!
    Yvette Nicole Brown to Replace Chris Hardwick as 'Walking Dead' Panel  Moderator at Comic-Con
  • Georgia Tour Company was one of the first to break that the town of Seonia, GA (where the majority of The Walking Dead was filmed) is in the process of erecting a monument to the walls - since taken down - that surrounded Gin Properties (the walls of Alexandria Safe-Zone).
  • In the Episode Insider, Angela Kang confirms that Rosita and Father Gabriel Stokes had broken up sometime between the 1st and 2nd trimesters of Season 11.
    The Walking Dead season 11 episode 21 Outpost 22 new photos
  • Sherrandy says both Rosita and Gabriel may die, leaving Eugene Porter Maxxine Mercer to take care of Soccoro "Coco" Espinosa.
    Josh McDermitt Interview: Romance Changed Eugene on TWD
  • Rachael mentions that Josh Hamilton (who played Lance Hornsby) was still in the credits. Could he show up as a walker? Perhaps even a variant?
    The Walking Dead: Josh Hamilton on Lance's death | SYFY WIRE
  • Dave mentions that Maggie is referred by The Commonwealth troopers as 525. Do you think this number as any significance?
    The Walking Dead showrunner explains what's at Outpost 22 |

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