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Sunday, August 28, 2022

[Episode 196] Tales of the Walking Dead |Series Premiere| Evie/Joe

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HELLO #TalesOfTheWalkingDead!! We have the honor and privilege of breaking down this series, beginning to end, starting with the Series Premiere/Pilot, "Evie/Joe", which is a great intro into the greater #TWDUniverse, as it deals with subverting expectations and #TheWalkingDead allowing you to become the person you were meant to be.
SO MANY technical difficulties and laughs contained within the Unedited Recording for this Episode! To get access to the extended version of this #podcast, all while supporting the BEST #TWDU creators on the internet, get started, here:

David Cameo:
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  • At the top of our show, we get a little sidetracked making references to the final season of Better Call Saul, which we have been covering in its entirety on our YouTube channel, and on our blogs! Check it out! You won't regret it, you may even learn some things!
    What's Left To Explore in Better Call Saul?
  • Welcome to our coverage of the SERIES PREMIERE of Tales of the Walking Dead!
    How to watch 'Tales Of The Walking Dead' in UK
  • What are your thoughts on this new anthology series set in the world of The Walking Dead?
    Teaser for 'Tales of the Walking Dead' Offers Sneak Peek Into New Anthology  Series | All Hallows Geek
  • Will there be something that connects all of these characters we meet in the series later down the line?
    Tales of the Walking Dead Trailer Teases Alpha's Return
  • Did you enjoy the performances of Terry Crews as Joe and Olivia Munn as Evie?
    Tales of the Walking Dead Breaks the TWD Universe Wide Open | Den of Geek
  • We can't help but tease you with our opinions on the next episode of Tales of the Walking Dead, due to the fact that AMC+ is releasing their episodes a week in advance for subscribers of their service. Fear not, those opinions won't be spoiled in this blog, stay tuned!
    Tales of the Walking Dead just did a time loop comedy episode |
  • How is Tales of the Walking Dead different from the other shows in the universe: The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and the three other confirmed spin-offs coming down the pipeline?
    The Walking Dead' Universe Channel Is Coming to Twitch
  • Sherrandy: Feels this episode did not bring anything new to the world of The Walking Dead.
    Tales Of The Walking Dead': Premiere Date, First-Look Photos – Deadline
  • Did they use this premiere as a way to ease fans into this new anthology series format?
    Tales Of The Walking Dead, Evie/Joe: Things To Note
  • Bridget: Reveals that this was one of the first things Olivia Munn did after giving birth!
    Olivia Munn Shares She Spilled Baby Formula While Traveling
  • There were some rumors floating around that Joe's character had some sort of story relation to the characters from the flagship show, Tyreese Williams & Sasha Williams. Will we ever hear any follow-up on this, or was it just speculation and wishful thinking (on the part of Terry Crews, himself)?
    The Walking Dead' Season 4: Tyreese, Sasha and Beth Promoted to Series  Regular
  • Could we see Tyreese and Sasha at some point in this show?
    Greg Nicotero's signature on both Sasha and Tyreese deaths
  • Could Skipper the lamb and Tabitha the goat (from The Walking Dead), have been raised on the same farm? We know it isn't possible, but it's fun to speculate, right?
    For Everyone Personally Devastated About Tabitha The Goat
  • Bridget: Based on trailers, and from what we have seen so far in this episode, are the connecting themes of these anthology episodes mental illness and/or unlikely duos forced to work together?
    TV review: 'Tales of the Walking Dead' can't shake series burnout -
  • As we speculate on the rest of the season, one of which contains a bruja, we remind the audience of our watch party + Q&A of The Old Ways: with an appearance by lead actress Brigitte Kali Canales (who played Rachel on Fear the Walking Dead) and Director Christopher Alender! The Old Ways is streaming on Netflix!
    The Old Ways Archives - Rue Morgue
  • Are the title sequences to Tales of the Walking Dead an homage to the intros of Fear the Walking Dead seasons 6 and 7, perhaps even seasons 4 & 5?
    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 6 - Official Intro Comparison - YouTube
  • Would you have rather The Walking Dead keep their prior title sequence over the reimagining in Season 9+? Should TWDU shows change their title sequences to keep things fresh?
  • These title sequences can act as fun Easter egg hunts when they make slight changes from season to season or even episode to episode.
    The Walking Dead (Season 9) (2018) — Art of the Title
  • Do you like THE football? Our hosts get a little carried away laughing at how Evie refers to the sport, Football, as The Football.
    THE WALKING DEAD Season 7 SUPER BOWL TV SPOT Football is Over (2017) -  YouTube
  • Do you wait to binge a show until it finishes, or do you try to catch up so you can watch week to week?
    The Walking Dead: World Beyond - Who Are You? - Review
  • Again our hosts take a break to discuss Better Call Saul: the moral of the story is watch Better Call Saul, then watch our coverage of Better SQUAWK Saul, and let us know what YOU think!
    Better Call Saul': Walt and Jesse Scene Explained by Director - Variety
  • Do you prefer to watch things alone or with another person or pet?
    El adelanto con los primeros minutos de Tales of the Walking Dead incluye  una conmovedora historia con Terry Crews y un perrito - La Tercera
  • With both of them being doomsday preppers, who's methodology worked out better: Joe's or Sandra's?
    Tales Of The Walking Dead Theory: Sandra Was ALWAYS Crazy
  • Could Sandra have killed her husband (prior to the apocalypse)?
  • Sherrandy compares Sandra's bunker to Gustavo Fring's meth lab from Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad.
    How Better Call Saul Remade Breaking Bad's Meth Superlab
  • This episode takes place roughly around the time that Rick Grimes and company were about to or in the process of leaving the prison.
  • Did Joe name his dog Gilligan because they were trapped together on a metaphorical deserted island (for you youngins, a reference to the TV Series, Gilligan's Island)?
    Tales of the Walking Dead” Best Moments of 1×01: “Evie/Joe” | The Series  Regulars
  • Does Gilligan make the conscious choice to sacrifice his ailing body because he knows that Joe needs to move on and meet new people to survive?
    Teaser Trailer for TALES OF THE WALKING DEAD Gives Us a Sneak Peak at All  the New Characters — GeekTyrant
  • Dave & Bridget sort out some confusion about the songs that play during the episode -- the takeaway being, ultimately, that Evie & Joe sing best when they are in sync, as friends.
  • This episode features new names for walkers: Toe-Tags & Dead-Eyes. Tap the image, below, to discover other names for walkers in TWDU (anything but zombies).
    Every Name The Walking Dead Uses For The Zombies
  • Joe's bike uses solar technology that was invented no later than 2010 which means their stops had to be more frequent so they could charge up (hence the long travel time between Flint & Mt. Pleasant, MI).
    Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: "Evie/Joe"
  • Joe and Evie end up forging their trust, fighting amidst a circle of walkers. Circle of Trust just so happens to be the insurance company that Blair Crawford owns and Gina works for in the next episode.
    Tales of the Walking Dead just did a time loop comedy episode |
  • Could the heartless walker Joe remarks on be one way that threads these anthology episodes?
    Tales of the Walking Dead Showrunner Reveals Musical Episode
  • What in the world did Sandra put in the edible she gave Joe & Evie?
    Watch Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 1 Online for Free
  • Special shoutout to Kersti Bryan for her amazing portrayal of Sandra in this episode!
    Tales Of The Walking Dead Theory: Sandra Was ALWAYS Crazy
  • There are a lot of references to Gilligan's Island in this episode. Joe's dog is named Gilligan, who was the title character of the TV Series. The lamb in the episode is named Skipper, which was named after the co-lead character, Captain Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby.
    50 Years Later: Where Is the Cast of Gilligan's Island Today? - pop culture
  • Why didn't Joe & Evie claim Sandra's bunker as their own?
    Evie / Joe Recap from Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 1 | List23: Latest  U.S. & World News
  • Being that Joe spent so much of his life preparing for the end, he wanted to start living. Do you think he will he regret not hunkering down in Sandra's bunker, down the line?
    Is Tales of the Walking Dead episode 1 Evie/Joe worth watching?
  • Congratulations to Terry Crews for finally being able to join TWDU!
    Terry Crews — How to Have, Do, and Be All You Want (#287) – The Blog of  Author Tim Ferriss
  • In an interview, Terry Crews recounts telling TWDU Chief Content Officer, Scott Gimple, that he could call him anytime to reprise his role as Joe. He only took Joe's switchblade from set, because he was confident that he would reprise his character.
    Tales of the Walking Dead trailer:Ffirst look at Terry Crews and Olivia  Munn in action | Metro News
  • Bridget read an article that theorized about a possible connection to Fear the Walking DeadTEOTWAWKI / Broke Jaw Ranch, from Season 3, had lists of preppers networks. Joe and/or Sandra could have been one of those lists.
    Fear The Walking Dead, TEOTWAWKI: Things To Note - Page 2
  • A final major shoutout to Terry Crews & Olivia Munn for phenomenal performances: here's to hoping we haven't seen the last of them or their characters, Evie & Joe.
    Watch Tales of the Walking Dead episode 1, on YouTube for FREE

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